Take the Opportunity: Thank someone unexpectedly

Photo of Frederick Claflin

By Stuart Young


Take the opportunity today to
thank someone unexpectedly!

It’ll change their day. :)

We all like to be thanked, it shows us that we are appreciated and
valued and probably more fundamentally – noticed!

As we thank another we are sending that person something intangible
and immeasurable. But watch the reaction of the recipient. Some will
smile broadly and some will beam proudly while others will have a more
subtle reaction. A reaction there will be though. In sending out that
thanks you will automatically open yourself to receive it more readily
yourself and therefore feel valued and appreciated aswell.

Get in to the habit of enjoying thanking people and it could turn out
to be one of the easiest ways to positively influence your life and
the lives of those around you. When you search for the opportunity to
thank unexpectedly it will have the biggest impact. It’s second nature
to most people to thank someone if we have the door held open for us
or if someone gives us a lift but find that occurrence when someone
does something they don’t expect you to notice. Maybe the postman will
pick up a piece of litter off your front lawn or the shop assistant
might run to fetch that bottle of milk you forgot while you’re at the
checkout. Search for it and you’ll find it and when you do you’ll find
yourself searching for that opportunity all the time.

Have fun looking!


Editor’s Note: Stuart Young writes his thoughts on How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time. He aims to provide a “set of 365 practical little guides which WILL change your life if you commit to implementing as many as possible.” He is also completing his book about changing your life one day at a time. You can check his thoughts here.


  1. SweetP says:

    Thank you for the reminder! I said thanks to a number of people as they made way for me during my run, but that’s the same as opening the door. I’ll keep looking today! :)

  2. stuartart says:

    Doesn’t it make you feel good just to be consciously ‘looking’ for that opportunity. I know I do. :)

  3. dublment says:

    Reblogged this on dublment.com and commented:
    A great reminder for us all.

  4. I love it my thoughts exactly, i sent a text out today on how God rewards me daily through my friends and people He places in my life. God bless you

  5. askmemes says:

    Thank YOU! We must all re-member ourselves as spiritual beings on a human path. Here to share and grow in our one-ness. This acknowledgment is essential to realizing our greatest potential. Our purposiveness.

  6. One of the best ways you can make your day, is to make some one else’s day. Great post.

  7. I try to do this at least once a day. I am so thankful for the many people and opportunities in my life. I give hugs freely, and love gettiing them back. I always make sure that the recipient knows that I am REALLY sincere as well. Sometimes that word of thanks is all that person needs to change the ‘situation of the day’. Press forward, lift others and acccept what comes to you as a result. (But don’t do it as a means to only get, if you know what I mean.)

  8. After such a reminder you realize how easy it is to take favour for granted. Take for instance being able to see the new year alive, or birth day. Rarely do we thank God for life.

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    Thank someone today

  10. aawwa says:

    Great post! I will do that today :-)


  11. niki1k says:

    AGREED!!!!!!! The month of February was an Amazing month to me and now that I am finish with all the days task the children are in bed the load of clothes are going and I am catching up on emails to read this. Thank You for sharing and Thank You for confirming that no matter what I face I am on My destined Path. The Path of being an EVERYDAy Individual only wanting to share the GOOD I see know and am experiencing in Life.

    Last month I ran out of gas a man helped earlier today when dropping off something at the kids school I decided to stop pass his house and give Him some Girl Scout cookies I told him Thank You and his kidness will never be forgotten!!!!!

    The world needs a change and it is Good to know I am being the change I want to be


  12. johnars says:

    Thanks for the reminder

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    Gratitude can only help you… and the other person… and your community.
    Oh wait, yeah, and the world!!!

  14. Thanks for posting!

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  16. eof737 says:

    Thank you is a gift we can all share. ;-)

  17. living4bliss says:

    What a super idea. This should be a goal for every day. Thank at least one person unexpectedly!!!

  18. This is Cool Stuart…..and something that I enjoy doing.
    be good to yourself

  19. genYus @work says:

    Thank you Stuart,
    Great post and very practical suggestion :D

    Thank you also to AMS for visiting my blog and leaving a mark.

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