Take the Opportunity: Thank someone unexpectedly

Photo of Frederick Claflin

By Stuart Young


Take the opportunity today to
thank someone unexpectedly!

It’ll change their day. :)

We all like to be thanked, it shows us that we are appreciated and
valued and probably more fundamentally – noticed!

As we thank another we are sending that person something intangible
and immeasurable. But watch the reaction of the recipient. Some will
smile broadly and some will beam proudly while others will have a more
subtle reaction. A reaction there will be though. In sending out that
thanks you will automatically open yourself to receive it more readily
yourself and therefore feel valued and appreciated aswell.

Get in to the habit of enjoying thanking people and it could turn out
to be one of the easiest ways to positively influence your life and
the lives of those around you. When you search for the opportunity to
thank unexpectedly it will have the biggest impact. It’s second nature
to most people to thank someone if we have the door held open for us
or if someone gives us a lift but find that occurrence when someone
does something they don’t expect you to notice. Maybe the postman will
pick up a piece of litter off your front lawn or the shop assistant
might run to fetch that bottle of milk you forgot while you’re at the
checkout. Search for it and you’ll find it and when you do you’ll find
yourself searching for that opportunity all the time.

Have fun looking!


Editor’s Note: Stuart Young writes his thoughts on How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time. He aims to provide a “set of 365 practical little guides which WILL change your life if you commit to implementing as many as possible.” He is also completing his book about changing your life one day at a time. You can check his thoughts here.