10 Things Somebody Should Have Told Me About College


Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

By Alpha

1. College is not just for getting A’s it is also for making friends. It is great to get good grades but do not limit your experience with books or virtual friends. Get out of your dorm and meet real, good friends whom you can lean on during final exams and during tough times.

2. You retain more lessons from experiences and not from the books you read. So, get out and socialize more! It is the best teacher in the block. Get out and be involved in numerous internships, summer jobs and hands-ons work.

3. Becoming a boss does not happen right away even if you are the valedictorian of your class. Don’t think just because you were the best in your class that you will be the CEO of a company in your first year of joining XYZ firm, NO!  Be prepared about the thought of starting from the lowest rung of the ladder and be willing to get paid $6 an hour for the first few months.

4. Knowing what to say in an interview and writing your resume is a mandatory skill. If there is at least one skill you must learn, it is how to sell yourself and be great at it!

5. Questioning your teacher all the time is totally acceptable. It is okay to ask questions to your professors. It is all right to make them think! Questioning helps your confidence and helps you think deeper. It also gives you the edge of not backing down when you are right at certain junctures. It will help you face authorities with confidence.

6. Learning a second language does not stop after you have completed that requirement. You have to continue learning and practicing it. You never know when you will go to France or to Mexico for leisure or for business and you will be thankful you did it.

7. Being brilliant is not just landing a “real” salaried job. You can explore different avenues to get paid and live well. In this generation you know that being in the office and in ties does not commensurate your brilliant or the value of your talent.

8. It’s okay to have a boyfriend/girlfriend as long as you can balance both your studies and your romantic affiliations. Again, it is all about learning , balancing and being responsible in your own actions.

9. Learn the skill of budgeting your finances well. You will be very glad if you’d turn down credit card offers. You’d thank me if you would take ten minutes of your time every month to learn how to balance your checkbook or your bank account. If you do not know how to fill out a deposit or a savings slip, learn them now. You will be doing a lot of them after college – and if you are on a student loan, do learn how to minimize extra expenses. Take only what you need, i.e. just the tuition fee. Budgeting is crucial; but knowing how your money is being spent will make

10. College is not the end of your education. It is just the beginning. There may be no more exams or terror professors after graduation but in the real word there are always trials you have to surpass and “terror” people you may encounter…but as long as you know how to manage them, you will be fine.