Tuesdays with Ronald: Determination

Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

By Ronald Colunga


Determination: firmness of purpose 

Take a second to really let that word sink in. 
Has it sunk in yet? Well then, lets continue!
Let me tell you a personal story about me in the hopes that it will inspire you. If you didn’t know, I am 18 years old. Trying to achieve my dreams at this age is very difficult. Not because of money (which most people would assume) but because of the number itself. When I tell people I am 18, they officially think I am to young to do anything. They think that because I am 18 my thoughts arent where they are suppose to be, I am not determined to do anything, or plain and simple “I am just to young.”
I don’t let this get to me. I keep going in life, focused & determined. I have dreams that I WILL achieve. I believe there is no one stopping me, but myself. That is one word I use quite a lot in my vocabulary. “Believe” pretty strong word isnt it?
Let’s get back into the story. I gratuated high school at 17. At the same time, I had just lost my job (happened to most people during these times though didn’t it?) But hey, it’s fine! I kept moving forward, saying to myself that things will get better. A few months after this I turned 18. My passport had expired & my social security card is not applicable to work (I was not born in this country however, I am an American Citizen.) I lost three jobs, because of this. Not lost jobs entirely, because I never exactly had them. My work papers would never go through. So I never really started.
While doing all this paperwork. I tried making opportunities for myself. After 2 months, I finally landed one. It was for a small marketing company called Focused Inc in Las Vegas. It was a non-paid internship, I knew this would be difficult but I was determined to stick through it, I knew it would help me out in the future. I stayed with this company for 3 months interning. Learning everything I could learn! I learned so much about Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Business Operations, Etc. I was very happy at this company, but I could only do so much by not recieving an income. The business owner at Focused Inc, a dear friend of mine. Referred me to a larger company based out of Las Vegas as well. My time with Focused was done.
All this was a span of about oh, 5 months. No income, relying on my parents for every single thing. I was late on my insurance. Overdrafted on my bank account several times, and have been wearing the same jeans for several months (disgusting I know.) I refused to ask my parents for any other kind of money, than the amount I desperately needed. People thought because I was 18, I wasnt going anywhere. People expected me to fail (I already was in peoples eyes) and it was only a matter of time before it all went downhill.
I have been interning for this new company (AdLava) for about one month now. AdLava is one of the largest (if not the largest) web design companies in Las Vegas. I am now the Social Media Director for this company. I handle all the social media for huge clients and I am the reason Social Media was added on to this company.
My story might not be that inspiring to people, and thats fine with me.However, It has inspired me to start my own website Lifessteppingstone.com. It has inspired to go after what I want in life. It has showed me that no matter how young I am, I can do big things. No matter what obstacles are thrown at me in life, If I keep my head up I will get passed them. I was taught to believe in myself and my dreams. I was inspired to FOLLOW MY DREAMS.
I hope you got something out of this story. I hope you will go out into the world and achieve your biggest dreams. I hope no matter what people tell you, you will keep striving. I hope you keep determined. Doesn’t matter what age, ethnicity, or skin color you are. I want to leave you guys with three last words, and hope they make the biggest impact of all.

Editor’s Note:  Go over and take a look at Lifessteppingstone.com! where Ronald writes his thoughts. You’ll be gald you did it!