Tuesdays with Ronald: Follow your Dreams

This past week I’ve seen many people approaching dreams the wrong way. I keep seeing that “dreams, are just a mirage” I keep seeing “dreams are only that…they are DREAMS.”
I can’t agree with any of this!
Dreams aren’t a mirage…they aren’t just dreams and nothing more.
In my world, dreams are the true realities. If you work hard towards achieving that dream, then they are able to become a reality correct? Dreams are only a “mirage” or unreal” if you make them that way. Work hard towards achieving that dream, make it a reality. Now with all that being said, I have one question for you guys.

What Are Dreams?

A Note from Ronald: Hey everyone! Ronald here from Life’s Stepping Stone. Wanted to give you guys a personal message. Please, please, please! Follow you’re dreams! Don’t let anyone hold you back. People are always going to doubt an individual. You cannot let this get to you, you cannot give up. People always tell me because of my age, I can’t do all the things that I am doing now. I don’t listen to them, I keep moving forward. Keeping my dream in mind, and I WILL FOLLOW IT! If you want to connect with me, you could do so on Facebook & Twitter also, stay tuned for my upcoming FREE Ebook: Follow Your Dreams! Have a great day today everyone!