Wednesdays with Buena: Vows

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By Buenaflor Laoang

A vow is a solemn promise. Before you make it, you give your heart to it. When you make it, you know you are not going to break it. As being true to yourself and to the other person you made your vow with, you will keep it.

As circumstances change, or troubles arise, the ways in fulfilling a vow may vary- but in the heart it stays, a promise to accomplish. We may be tempted to forsake it, but we cannot silence it inside of us.  No one forgets a vow he has made. It stays, whether one chooses to neglect it, delay it, or get it done.

That is why it is said, no one should make a vow hastily; that in many things in life he can simply say yes or no. A vow, for me, when entered into, is a commitment of faith, and in a lifetime. It is a sacred oath you offer. It is a promise that must not be broken; it finds meaning in its fulfillment.

I made four important vows in my life- in the presence of people, and with God: 1- to remember my First Love, God; 2- to love the man who brought me to the altar; 3- to build my family and raise God-fearing children; and 4- to persevere on a mission to touch lives through the gifts entrusted to me.

Yesterday-February 14, I renewed my vows. I succumb to the arms of my First Love and said yes once more. I looked longer at the face of my life partner (after the gaps over the weeks) and saw the man who kept with me through the years of searching, forgetting, and inability to forgive- and I loved him more. I received the hugs and kisses of my children with tears in my eyes- because there had been moments I thought of leaving them when I could not see myself in them anymore- and I reaffirmed to become an even more determined and passionate mom to them all.

And now- no matter where I am, whatever only I have got, whatever lies ahead, and whoever I have become, I will persevere to fulfill my vows. I will use the gifts entrusted me. I will mold children- be they on the streets. I will talk about hope, faith, and love- however I’d been broken. I will write pieces to remind us of the desolate we need to care for too, of the wretches we should not label, of the people different from us we need to accept as they are.

Or simply, to remind us of the promises you made to yourself, to others, or to God.

For we are under vows. We are going to be careful with them, and keep them.

This week- fulfill your vows.


Editor’s Note: Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete contributes weekly on AMSDaily. You can visit her blog at Barefoot Life Reflections to read more about inspiring stories.


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  2. Dicky says:

    Great post.

  3. aawwa says:

    Beautiful post!


  4. Usisera says:

    More than a vow is a lifetime commitment. I salute you for being true to your marriage vows. As they’ve said,a vow is not just a lip service, its not carved in the stone but is an eternal promise. It is difficult not to break it, as temptations often presents itself. However, it takes courage and determination to keep it. Stay focused and congrats for keeping your family intact.

    • Buena Laoang says:

      Dear Usisera,
      Pls don’t..i wouldn’t ever deserve such compliment.. but thank you it warms my heart. Until now it’s a struggle- of my soul, of many things that go around my vows. I only try to remind myself every time, like on a day such as when I posted this note- but it is really difficult, as you have said, temptations of breaking it always come- and i just trust the grace of God to give me the courage to keep it all the time…

  5. Regular Joe says:

    I always enjoy your writing and the heart for God it reveals. It ministered to me today.

    • Buena Laoang says:

      Thank you Joe! pouring my heart on this post did minister to me, too.. I thank God for every word.. a piece i cannot imagine is now attributed to me.. but He inspired it.. may His grace always speak to us!

  6. "NowWhat?" says:

    Seems to me, we see a lot of the same things. If you make a vow and have character you will go to any length to fulfill a vow. It’s all about; “To thine own self be true.”. When you don’t fulfill a vow you don’t feel good about yourself. If you were in isle 3 in the grocery market and you saw this person you made a vow too, would you walk down the isle or go the other way? You would only Walk down the isle if you fulfilled the vow. Never make promises you can’t follow thru with. It really makes you feel terrible the next morning. Nothing better to wake up in the morning with your side of the street clean, knowing you did the best you could. “NOW WHAT?”

    • Buena Laoang says:

      You are right- the beautiful person behind NowWhat? “If you make a vow and have character you will go to any length to fulfill a vow..” And we will, right? We always certainly will…”do and give your best, and wake up in the morning with joy and a clean heart..” Thank you!

  7. Buena,
    Thank you for sharing so honestly from your heart about your challenges to keep your vows. We all have challenges and must do the best we can to live per our own values & connection to spirit/ God.


    • Buena Laoang says:

      Blessings to you, too, writingtofreedom! I guess that’s all about it, I was called to pass thru many tests, pains, challenges in life- in order to do my best, give or make the best out of every circumstance, and fulfill a vow I was entrusted with,to be among those who will write, touch hearts especially for those who need it. Yes- “we (shall choose to) live per our values and connection to God..”

      sincerely and thank you!


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