What to give: and The How’s of Giving

Photo of Frederick Claflin

Giving is not just for material things.

When you use the verb “give” you constantly associate it with something tangible, something touchable – in other words, any type of material thing. When you are asked to “give”, you expect to give it full-heatedly so the receiver would feel the true and honest emotions of you giving it. When you give, there should be mutual happiness between you and the receiver – because giving and receiving must be equally viewed as one noble act.

 But giving should not just be associated with materials things.

If the  purpose of giving is to make other people happy, then to share happiness and to share your blessings is a big deal. 

You can “give” something of  yourself and still deliver happiness throughout the world in many ways:

1. You can “give” your smile and make someone smile back at you.

2. You can “give” your time and spend it wisely with someone dear to you.

3. You can “give” your thoughts to someone in need of critical feedback to improve himself.

4. You can “give” a hand and help someone fix something, either a clog in the sink or trouble in his car.

5. You can “give” a hug and make someone feel extra special.

6. You can “give” more than you think is possible.

And when you “give”, I want you to think of these:


Give because you believe in it.

Give because you want todo it.

Give because you think it is the right thing.

Do not give when you will have feelings of resentment soon after.

Do not give when others have influenced, have told, have forced you todo it.

Do not give if you do not believe 100% in the reason behind it.

Do not give only to impress others or to fit in.

Do not give when you, yourself do not have it.


Because giving is a tremendous responsibly, you must be willing to do it and most importantly, you must LOVE “giving”.

Because in the end giving is a gift.

If you are ready to “give” some inspiration to other people, share this post and follow us! That is the best gift you could “give” for today.


  1. Brad says:

    Great reminder that the best gifts are freely given from a place of fullness & joy!

  2. Reblogged this on TropicalTruth.

  3. It is a fantastic feeling when you can give of yourself and not just your material things. It is often overlooked that what people really want is your time not your money in many situations. Love this post and the picture is breathtaking. Thank you. With your permission I would love to reblog this and share it on my page.

  4. Auranics says:

    Thanks for sharing – I like this post. One thing that I personaly feel is that one should give without any notion of getting anything in return. This was something I had to learn because I would give and then get frustrated when it wasn’t reciprocated. Now, I go with – if I get a thanks or the reaction I wanted, great, if not, I didn’t lose anything.

    • AMSDaily says:

      Auranics – I love the fact that you have shared one of the observations I made. I think a lot of people think that if they give they need to have something back, but no – it does not work that way. What you give, you give it for the purpose of giving and not getting anything in return. You said it perfectly! Thank you!

  5. Excellent post! thanks for sharing this wisdom.

  6. aawwa says:

    What you wrote is so true. You put it beautifully.

    Lorraine :-)

  7. drcristy says:

    Beautifully written. It is ALWAYS better to give of yourself than of material resources! Great post. Thank you for finding my blog also. I look forward to the conversation!

  8. living4bliss says:

    So many times people think that they have nothing to give. A smile a kind word goes so far.

    This reminds me of “the Little Drummer Boy.”

    Thank you for reminding us of how much we can give each day.

  9. pixygiggles says:

    The best gifts are not tangible. :) Excellent post!

  10. Beautifully expressed. Giving makes us feel good about ourselves and enhances our well being.

  11. Customikes says:

    Reblogged this on K. Mikael Wallin & Customikes Artistic Metal Magic and commented:
    Wow…. just what I needed right now as I have a child in pain that need me to give of myself better than i might have ever done before…..

  12. haroldmillet says:

    and give because you know the feeling of “having nothing”

  13. rainbowpaths says:

    I loved the post. Especially “You can “give” your time and spend it wisely with someone dear to you.”
    I love to present my friends with self-made coupons, e.g. coupon for a day out with me, for ice-skating/ climbing etc. together. Although such a gift might not have the same kind of “wow” effect, when its unwrapped, but in the end, I know this experience with me will stay in their mind for much longer than any materialistic thing.

  14. eof737 says:

    With giving comes the recognition that we also stay open to receive. Some people give and give, but don’t know how to receive and vice versa. Lovely post. :-)

  15. AMSDaily says:

    Thank you for reblogging this!


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