Pledge for Education 2011: A Vision Realized

To aspire is good!

To motivate is another…

But to SUCCEED is even better.

The best part is that WE(the 30 PLEDGERS along with the help of Ms. Sharon Michelle Buhatin and my sister Yedelilah Miguel) made our first PLEDGE FOR EDUCATION a success!

To our 25 beneficiaries: Cansino, Princess; Lacuesta, Jessa; Lucasan, Yael; Molina, Paulyn; Montaniel, Princess; Patricio, Pamela; Rosario, Jedidiah; Simon, Rod; Villegas, Sherylene; Pascual, Jessamyn;  Samaniego, Christine Joy; Tomas, Jamaira; Cansino, Jewel; Garcia, Shem; Sumaoang, Sarah; Uro, Xavier; Valdez, Shaina; Asuncion, Wenilyn; Martin, Jamille; Cabarrubias, Eden; Pacis, Yves; Bulawan, Joie; Lagunero, Gin; Reyes, Jewel; Ubaldo, Angeline РMay you continue to dream as high as you can, as long as you can and as fast as you can! And when you get to where your dreams will take you, remember to also share your blessings!

Congratulations everyone!


If you would like to be a part of the next PLEDGE FOR EDUCATION and send selected high school students to school for free, read the links provided:


2. How to PLEDGE? –