Super Bowl: On Winning

I understand there may be some hurt feelings and feelings of betrayal at this point after the Super Bowl XLVI last night however, winning is  a part of our lives and losing is equally essential in the realization of a victory.

Losing, sometimes make a team or any individual stronger. They realize their mistakes; learn their lessons and they will improve their areas of weaknesses.

Losing, sometimes precedes triumph. Through failure, one understands the emotions, the embarrassment and the feelings of defeat – which are key to success. Successful people, organizations and team need to understand how these factors will lead to improved results.

Winning on the other hand is a remarkable gift!

Once an individual achieves something as huge as being recognized as player for the Super Bowl game, we know that he is a remarkable person!

You have to remember that all the athletes in last night’s game were overachievers. They represent the best in their athletic field across the states. They endure what most of us can not including a very strict discipline, practice and great attitude. They know how to play in order to win. They are trained for that.

Whether, you rooted for the Giants or the Patriots and you continue to believe what you know and love your team – keep in mind that in the end “it’s just a game”.

Life, is also a game.

And, you have to have the capacity to emulate what these athletes have demonstrated in last night’s Super Bowl into your own life.

You have to be “in” it to win it! (whatever part of your life that is!)