Wednesdays with Buena: Linger On!

Photo of Michaela Cruz- Ungos

By Buenaflor Laoang

Oh February! Who doesn’t get inspired by the air of February? I just hope that everyone is filled with so much love!

February is my favorite month too! I was lonely, and alone, and desperate to die, and then one February day- I was embraced by the Mighty God.

So today, I am offering the slogan of my heart for the month, which may also be your mantra- let’s get the most of “February LOVE”!

Here’s a reflection I am sharing with you today: link-

I had been thinking for nights where Barefoot lands online. I am maintaining three sites:Liberating You in which I share honest narratives, usually personal; Fragrant Lives where I feature the people who have become influential to me; and this one for Barefoot’s regular site (updated T-Th-S), simply because when I was trying to learn how to blog, I explored various hosts! Now- I cannot let go of any of them!

Same is true with life. We’ve had this thing, or that moment, or that person from time to time, that even if it becomes difficult for us to keep it, we still hold on to it. Simply because we’ve already put ourselves to it, our effort, our time, our passion.

When we have loved somebody, and he or she has hurt you too many times, you despair and hate and detach for a moment, or even for a month, but most often, we look back, and get back in that person’s arm.

Sometimes, to be able to enjoy your work, or love itself, you must be willing to surrender to it, you must learn to trust the waves around it.. however tough or unfair or goal and self-defeating it may seem…

Blog themes vary, schedules adjust, moods shift, things and persons change- but as long as we know what or who makes us happy- we linger on! We press on; we go for what we truly want!

And so my challenge for us the rest of this week is- for the love of happiness- LINGER ON!