That’s what you call: Productivity

Photo of Frederick Claflin

Busy body
Busy work
Busy phones, emails, social network sites

Or still mind

The fourth one calls for answer: productivity


  1. This is pretty good! Nice Job

  2. Beautiful picture! And I love the word. Productivity!

  3. abichica says:

    awesome… :-)

  4. Barb F says:

    This is my home harbor believe it or not.

  5. bipolarmuse says:

  6. Yes. ♥

  7. Jan Simson says:

    I’m just writing a post about productivity. Awesome picture! Cheers.

  8. aawwa says:

    beautiful light in your picture


  9. Love this image, and the words to go with it. Boats are such transportive images for me (no pun intended!) Nicole xx

  10. tksoni says:

    Nice picture.

  11. You were my first “like” on my blog. Thank you.

  12. chris says:

    Reblogged this on Going Somewhere,Getting Someplace and commented:
    Beautiful sight!

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