Why are you stressed out: How to fix it?

Photo of Frederick Claflin

Don’t hide it. You know you can not. It shows in your eyes; in the way you move your head and smoothens out the muscles behind your neck. It is so easy to tell. I know you! Your smile does not justify what are inside your eyes. Can’t you not remember that your eyes are the windows to your souls? Can’t you tell that they are exactly what you are trying to hide? They are telling you something; they are telling me something; and that is: 

Girl, you are stressed out!

And you need to relax.

The more that you try to fake it, the more that you will get deeper in the mud. Take it out of your shoulders. Give yourself some acceptance. Take the fact; do not bury yourself; Laugh it out and embrace everything that is happening!

Do you know why you are tensed?

Do you know why you feel that everything is not in alignment with the stars?

Do you why you are stressed out?

Because you are passionate about things to go your way; because you are extremely thoughtful about the things around you; because you want to have the perfect world around you! Because you love the people around you and you care for them deeply!

You have to remember that despite your desire to put things in their right place, there are things that happen beyond your control. And if they do, remember to walk away, take a deep breath, live for the moment, hold on to your passions and thoughts, accept the truth and tell yourself:


God grant me the serenity 

to accept the things I cannot change; 

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.