Wednesdays with Buena: Pray

Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Buenaflor Laoang

Hi everyone! It is the last Wednesday of the month! The first month of this new year is almost over. That fast!

Well- if you have been with me once a week, you know that we have been doing challenges that carry the “happy” January mantraSo- how has it been with you with regards our weekly challenges?

Have you made your Happy Resolutions happen?

                        Have you started to Attract Gladness?

Have you offered Peace Be with You to everyone- including yourself?

Well- since this is my last post with you this month; I am giving away what the other P and Y stand for! Here are two challenges:


Yes to God.

am not going to talk about religion or faith-based issues. But we all know Who is the superpower of our lives. We know from whom we get all our strength, wisdom, kindness, every day missions, everything! We know who our God is, and it is to Him we run every time- in the most agonizing moments of our life, and in our best times.

It is bliss to accomplish one little challenge at a time! But you know– when everything just seems going in tune, something unexpected makes its way to ruin it. That’s the enemy’s way! As much as we are striving hard to aspire, motivate and succeed, or do our personal causes and purposes in life, the enemy works doubly hard to snatch us from our happiness, peace, high spirits,and most of the time it is when we forget – our God.

So it reminds me to tell you openly- before starting everything- let’s get back to what we really need to do first.


And say YES TO GOD.

I will not talk anything about how to do it, about the way to say it, or about what your yes should mean. It lies within our hearts. Our relationship with our God tells us how and why. All we need is to have a quiet time, to come with our whole mind, body, and soul- with the whole you, believe that He is there, and just speak your heart honestly. If you need to- cry out, or celebrate in song.

Just a couple of days ago I posted this on my site. It’s an altogether different story but if you will go and read it (you may jump to the last four paragraphs), it will show that amid the positivity and goodness of life I reflect Wednesdays here, there are unfortunate events that I do need to confront- well, such is life! But what I do? I pray, and just say Yes to God.

Maybe it’s about time. He’s waiting for your talk. He listens, and He answers. You will hear His voice.

Yes- he embraces, too.

By the way, thank you for liking Barefoot! I offered a prayer of blessing for all of you! Thank you!