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Photo of Randy Legaspi

Editor’s Note: AMSDaily is partnering up with Ronald Colunga of Life’s Stepping Stones to launch our first ever blog contest. This will run for two weeks and the most exciting part is you get to have a copy of my first book published SIGNED plus a bonus book! You will find the rules of this contest below.

How to enter:

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Each action that you take counts as 1 ENTRY which equals a total of 6 ENTRIES PER PERSON



1. After you have taken all actions for entry YOU MUST EMAIL and let me know what you have done. I must confirm everything before you are put in the drawing. Subject Line: Entry

2. Anyone may enter

3. You DO NOT have to enter all 6 times. Everything is optional however, the more the better!

4. Once again, YOU MUST EMAIL ME with what you have done, so I could put you in the drawing. Email: ( Subject Line: Entry )

5. Include NAME, FACEBOOK & TWITTER NAME in email

6. If you have an entry before the contest had even started ( for example: already like us on Facebook) you may still enter. Send me an email at stating what you have already done, to be included in the drawing.


Prizes will be handled by Alpha of

Prizes Included Alpha’s very own BOOK signed by ALPHA herself.

The book Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

Winner picks one of the following: Featured post on and OR picks the topic for one post on and

“Shotout” on all social media sites notifying our followers of your website ( if applicable)

Contest runs until February 6th!