Blog Awards

I am extremely honored by the blog awards I have been given lately. This is why I am extremely grateful for all of my fellow writers/bloggers for the nominations! I may not blog individually for the awards given, but to all of you who gave me these awards, my great THANKS and *hugs*. Thank you for nominating my blog and for believing in the power of inspiration, motivation and success!

1. Beautiful Blog Award – from Live The Life You Imagined

2. 7 x 7 Blog Award – from The Woman at The Well

3. The Genuine Blogger Award – from Warrior Poet Wisdom

4. Versatile Blogger Award – from Jodie Be in Her Crystal Room

5. Versatile Blogger Award – from Loving with Purpose


As per the rules of a nominee adopting from the Versatile Blogger Award, I will:

1. Add the Versatile Award photo on a blog post

2. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.

3. Share 7 things about myself.

4. Pass the award along to 15 favorite bloggers.

5. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

SEVEN THINGS ABOUT MYSELF: (and I know there should be more) – previously posted here:

1. Favorite food on the planet – There are actually two kinds of food that I love growing up:   1. tirem (oyster) bathed in calamansi juice with chopped onions and lots of pepper and salt; 2. Buro (fermented fish). One of the family traditions that we used to do was to go to my grandfather’s house on Sunday for worship. When he retired from the Air Force, he decided to devote his time preaching and spreading the word of God. So, as our grandfather he would have Sunday masses in his house and after that my Nanay Aning (my maternal grandmother) would prepare food for the family and for everybody who attended the mass.

In most cases (especially when I requested them), my Nanay Aning would cook these food that I love! She makes the best pork adobo, pinakbet, nilaga, buro and tirem!

2. I am a Capricorn – and so is my older sister, Rachel and my favorite Auntie, Auntie Ada (although all my Aunts are great and beautiful as well). If you believe in the Eastern philosophy and the characteristics of a Capricornian, you know what I mean.

3. I am allergic to TV – I can spend hours on the computer surfing and reading all sorts of stuffs. But TV? Heck, no. I can only sit in front of the TV for a short while.

4. I love the mountains and the seas – I used to be a Girl Scout and had trekked some mountains big and small growing up. But having been married to a beachcomber, he introduced me to the beauty of the sea – the smell of the sea salt, the feel of the sea breeze and everything with water! My first memories of the sea would be attributed to my ever-pasyadora grandmother (Nanay Aning) who would bring me and my sisters yearly to San Fabian Beach in Pangasinan, Philippines for the “Pista ng Dagat” (Feast of the Seas). We would wake up very early in the morning to join some aficionados (like my grandmother’s neighbors) in the rented bus to go to the beach – and she’d do this with us annually.

5. I am proud to be a Filipino! – and proud of my height, my skin color and the constant inflections of my speech. I just do not like the bureaucracy of the Philippine government and the way the justice system works.

6. I truly admire and love my late grandfather – We used to call him “Daddy”, Mr. Floreno De Luna. I can probably write a week’s worth of post about him (which I should probably do). But one thing that I could tell you about him and why he continues to inspire me on my decisions and the way I live my life is because he was true to his mission in life – and he did it in the most faithful and righteous way possible. I’ll tell you, he has a great place in the hearts of everyone in my family. That’s how special to us!

7. I am my daughter’s student – I learn a lot from her everyday! She teaches me lessons that only she could do it. She is our star and our love!

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