A Lunar New Year’s Story: Gong Hey Fat Choy

Editor’s Note:In celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year, I am sharing with you one of my favorite new year’s stories written byVen. Master Xin Yun (Master Hsing Yun). You can either read the text below or hit the play on the video provided. Whichever way you want as long as you get the message behind this story is fine with me – and also, if you can answer the question at the end of this post, that will be appreciated! (All the pictures used in this post were compiled from different sources using Google Images. Thank you very much to the individual sources.)

Gong Hey Fat Choy !

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


On a rainy night of New Year’s Eve, a lonely little girl was saddened by the disagreements that brought upon her family members.

Little girl sadly said, “It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve, but it’s been raining all day long. New Year is coming but everyone is not in a good mood. Brother insists on buying a new motorcycle. Dad, Mom, and Brother are quarreling about it again.”

Dad told to Brother, “Can’t you use the old motorcycle ? You just know how to spend money !”

Mom also said to Brother,”The economy is bad, why don’t you just use the old one ?”

Brother angrily said, “The old motorcycle breaks down all the time, you can use it ! I won’t !”

“It’s your fault. You have spoiled him !”, Dad said to Mom.

Little girl asked herself, “It’s New Year, but why is everyone unhappy ?”.

“Kitty, can you tell me how to make everyone happy for the New Year?”, asked the little girl to her cat.

Then, outside the window, the little girl looked four old men were coming, “Dad, Mom, look ! Brother, come and see, quick !”

Mom said to the old men, “Ah, it’s raining so heavily, Sirs, please come in for shelter !”

Old man #1 said, “Haha, thank you for your kindness, Madam. But we have a rule, only one of the four of us can come in. Who do you wish to invite in ?”

The four old men then introduced themselves one by one.

Old man #2 : “I am Wealth.”

Old man #3 : “I am Success.”

Old man #4 : “I am Well-being.”

Old man #1 said with a laugh, “Haha, everyone calls me Harmony.”

Dad said to the four old men, “Surely we should invite in Wealth, then we can have a comfortable life !”

Brother said, “No, no, choose Success ! I want my family to be proud of me !”

Mom said, “Wait a moment ! I think Well-being is the most important !”

Dad exclaimed, “Wealth !”

Brother exclaimed, “Success !”

Mom exclaimed, “Well-being !”

Little girl asked to her mother, “Mom, Mom, What is harmony ? Why don’t you invite in Harmony ?”

Dad said, “Yes, you’re right ! Why don’t we invite in Harmony ? New Year is here, we should be harmonious. Let’s invite Mr. Harmony in, then !”

Seeing that all of the four old men came in together, little girl’s father said, “Eh ? I thought you said only one of you can come in ? Why did all of you come in ?”

Old men #1 replied,”Haha, we have another rule. If Harmony enters, Well-being, Success and Wealth will follow.”

Little girl happily said, “Now I understand. To be happy is to be in harmony.”


Now, here is the video (word of caution: if you would like to concentrate on the captioning, turning off the volume will extremely help!)

Now (again!) , here is the question: If you were to select three of the following attributes to a wonderful life, which would they be? Choose among the pictures below.

1. Light

2. Serenity

3. Faith

4. Family

5. Intelligence

6. Fortune

7. Creativity

8. Love

9. Strength

10. Luck

11. Body Sustenance

12. Cleansing

13. Humility

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