Aimee Mullins: You Can Do It!

It takes a certain person to succeed; a certain personality to make it big in the real world; a certain dedication to keep the vision going. It takes passion, integrity and faith in your own self to inspire people, to influence people and to make sure that your message is clearly conveyed to the rest of the world.

It takes that kind of an individual: a very special person!

Looking at Aimee Mullins picture above, you’d think she has everything lined up for quick ascendance to success: beauty, talent, articulation, power and influence. You would not second guess that somehow behind the pretty face and the slender body, something is missing; something that is vital in her daily movements: her two legs.

When I first read about her, I immediately think of all the individuals and young adults I interact with everyday with disabilities. I think about their potential and the many things they are capable of doing. I do not think about their limitations but their capabilities to do great things, just like how you and I can do wonderful things with all our given strengths.

Aimee Mullins is just an incredible person. She is a runner, a runway model, a speaker, an activist, an actor, an athlete, an NCAA track star, an amazing soul! She’s been named as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world! She graduated from Georgetown University in 1998 with a dual degree in history and diplomacy. Aimee, as you saw in the picture above is double-amputee. She lost her lower legs because she was born without fibulae. Despite her impairment, she is changing the world with a message.

Aimee is telling us someting.

She is telling us that no matter your situation is (whether you have money or not), no matter whether you are physically impaired or not, whether you can read or not – you have the same gift that all of us have: the power to think.

You, with the great mind and the will – can change the way you think.

You can think differently! Soar higher and reach for your dreams!

You do not have limits as to how you can create your future! You can make things happen.

If Aimee Mullins, without two legs have found ways to still enjoy life and be competive in what she does –  how much more with you who do not any impairments or disabilities?

YOU can!

You can do it, despite any adversity you have.

(Listen to Aimee Mullins video on the opportunity of adversity and see her 12 pais of legs)