Tuesdays with Ronald: A Perfect World

Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Ronald Colunga

If you guys did not know, I’m a big comic fanatic. Yes, comics! Lost art, eh? The comic culture is not to big if you begin to look at it (except at Comic Con of course!) but here are the reasons I do it.

1. Comics enhance my creativity

2. Comics put me in a world that would never be. It let’s me create my perfect world

3. It’s fun! The drawings and the stories are beautiful, I honestly can’t get enough!

Why am I telling you all this? What does this have to do with AMSdaily?

I know you’re asking yourself this, but trust me, this post has a purpose. I started talking about comics because, they are fictional. They enable you to be in a world that you create. Enhance your creativity and put you in a place you have not been before. People become unhappy all the time its inevitable! There is obviously no perfect world, actually this world is far from it. However, if you could create your perfect world, what would it be? How would you do it?

That is the purpose of this post. I want you guys to start thinking about what makes you happy. What puts you in your perfect world and makes all that stress go away. Even if you are in this so called “perfect world” for half a second. There is always something that triggers it. Makes you happy in your stress filled day.

So far if you guess comics make me happy and put me in my perfect world. Then you, are correct! Comics are my trigger, my time passer, my fun, my perfect world. Which brings me to my last two questions.


 “What is your trigger?”


 What is your perfect world?”


  1. Great post!

  2. The sea. The smiles of my husband and granddaughter. The voices of my children when they are happy!

    • Thispedestrianlife,

      What exactly about the sea? Sailing on it? Looking over the horizon?
      Children are always a trigger aren’t they? :)
      Wish you and you’re family the best!


  3. My “triggers” are the photos I take for my blog’s photo bank, from which I choose a new picture each weekday to add a title and “punny” caption. The motto of my blog is “Where plants, animals, and objects do the talking.”

    My “perfect world” starts when I have to (1) choose another photo, (2) come up with a funny caption and amusing title, (3) tweak everything until the post is perfect, and (4) gleefully anticipate the comments. Actually reading the comments is like reading newspaper reviews the next day of my “performance” the night before.

    During the process of creating the posts I am always happy.

    John Robinson: TheDailyGraff.com

  4. I had to think for a minute.
    I seem to have so many, if I had to pick one … maybe watching two squirrels playing catch-me-if-you-can in my pine trees. Wait … another would have to be doing a good deed for these old “geezers” that live around me. Ok … I think thats it … nope; today at university, a young lady that could be my granddaughter and was in my class last semester, ran up to me and flung her arms around me and asked how my holiday went. Jezzz … this is taking a lot of mental energy … oh yeh … I almost forgot … reading your blog!! You be well!! G. :)

  5. altruistico says:

    Mine is my imaginary friend who wonders the halls and chambers of my mind. I call him Hank. Sometimes when i write in my blog he pops in to create own rendition of the events i am trying hard to capture on pages of white and black.

    When i am trying to be most serious, Hank interacts with something totally off the wall. I should turn Hank loose one day and just write whatever he suggests. smiling!

  6. altruistico says:

    By the way, Hank has a two track mind: “One’s lost and the other is looking for it.” Have a great day everyone!!!!

  7. A “Perfect World” to me would be for all of us to show a little more “Humility” with one another! “Humility” is the new “Strength”.

    Great post!!

  8. bipolarmuse says:

    My trigger is comedy as well, good comedy that makes me cry because I laugh so hard. And fun moments with my children. :)

    Great questions to ponder… thank you

  9. Good post! I’ll be thinking about your questions.

  10. haroldmillet says:

    I like your post. That’s also the main reason why i love comics because it makes me being creative the way i wanted the world should be (don’t get me wrong i’m not an artist – i don’t even know how to draw but its always my imagination that creates them).
    And I agree there’s no perfect world coz if there is? i guess there is no more tomorrow.
    Being contented and happy – that’s perfect for me!
    Enjoy what you have and make the most out of it not only for your own but for everyone! Everything you see – make it useful! =)

    • AMSDaily says:

      Harold, you are back! We missed you here at AMS. Thank oh for your wonderful comment. Ronald, really gave two big questions that made us all think! Nice answers!

    • Harolid Millet,

      Im glad we share the same passion for comics! By the way, don’t worry. I could barley draw stick figures and even that is mediocre haha. Stay happy harold! Make it useful!


  11. handstitch says:

    I still have boxes of comics collected when my son was really young. Now, my 13 year old loves them too and has become quite a manga drawing artist, self-taught thanks to YouTube!

    You are one of my few daily triggers. With each picture and each thought provoking post, I would wonder to my “perfect world” filled with hopes. Thank you for being here.

  12. Handstitch,

    The world of comics, is a crazy one! Glad your 13 year old loves them as well! Aaaah that youtube, great little site eh?

    Thanks very much for the kind words, I really appreciate it. It means a lot. Thank you for reading!


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