Life’s Manifesto by Holstee


By  Alpha Miguel-Sanford

Life is short – and that is fact. It is not questionable or an issue worth debating. We all know that. We recognize that our lives is all that we have. Yes, we do own a few material things like our houses, our cars, our careers, some investments – but the reality is we only have one thing in our hands and that is our life!

This is why we continue to search for the ultimate question: what do we need to do in order to live our life to the fullest? How do we do it? Are we doing it right? Are we living happily or just merely surviving? Are we pursuing our dreams and passions? Do we have greater insights into what lies ahead?

Well, I do not know the answer.

But Holstee has it!

Holstee is a company whose products are not just ecologically manufactured and ethically produced, but also a company that has a life manifesto for its business plan. It was a company that started small in funding, but great in ideas. It is a fairly new company, given its establishment only three years ago. But, even as young as they are – this company fueled by passionate people (Mike, Fabian and Dave) created a company that breathes passion and life into the world everyday.  They share an inspiring message that no matter what kind of business you own or whatever you do for a living, there should be LIFE associated with it. It should not just be work because you need it – but because you know that life is so short and that you have live it!

Here is the video:

And if you want to watch only the words or the message from Holstee, here it is:

Enjoy your life, for it is too short!