Wednesdays with Buena: Attract Gladness

Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Buenaflor Laoang

Here’s something I found out that I want to share with you- while I wrote the acrostic to remind my lookout  for 2012, I noticed that there are 12 letters in a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now I have this project-

Each month, I will have the corresponding letter to go for a “word slogan of my heart”, and these I will share to you as challenges as long as we are together! Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy each week of the whole year with a challenge, and then succeeding in our own little, unique, extraordinary or amazing ways with any of them? Maybe it can help us feel better and more accomplished weekly!

This January, I take the H to stand for “H-a-p-p-y” January! And last Wednesday, we had the first challenge- the happy resolutions! So- were you able to make something happen last week? I had my own share of experience, and you may want to check it here!

This week, our challenge is this- attract gladness to your heart!

A former student, Paul Froilan Garma, smartly coined this much loved thought on his facebook status,

“Life has many great options, but you don’t have to pick always what seems to be the best. Just pick whatever makes you happy, and it will be the best option ever.” 

This student, since high school has always carried in his heart cheerfulness in everything he does; yes- even when situations become tough, depressing, or even irritating! He’s now a medical student pursuing masters in nursing major in adult health in the Philippines’ national state university, while doing his regular hospital shifts. Currently he’s into a health promotion assessment of the elderly people in his community. At times he’d utter some bits of complaint about his things- who doesn’t? But he will never be with the long face, sulking, calling it off, just giving it up. You’d expect him to simply get some sleep, get some fun with his family, and he’s back to face his things with the usual smile, positivity glowing in his eyes, and cheerfulness never leaving his thoughts, words, and actions!

He believes in this- “Nothing compares to  sharing your knowledge, skills, dreams and frustrations, time and the self, to the people who watch you grow and break horizons. “ And so he’s out there again, breaking out his purposes with gladness, and with all the fun!

How about us? Can we do it- whatever it is we’re having – an insensitive partner, a boss or subordinate that gets to our nerves, a clingy friend… or going through- monetary difficulties, delayed projects, unwanted behavior, whatever it is! Can we just add cheerfulness to how we deal with it? We all have to face things or people like these anyway- no exemptions among us!

That’s our challenge for the week- attract gladness! Store it enormously in your heart! It cheers me just to imagine myself like a magnet walking around with the huge smile! Ü

Note: Alpha has a related post, which I especially liked. No matter the situation be positive. Attract gladness to your heart! And by the way, will you spend a click today to support or LIKE a page I just started, “BAREFOOT”? If you’ve been liking what you read Wednesdays, I really appreciate your visit there too! ~Buena