Tuesdays with Ronald: Wise Man

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By Ronald Colunga

Today we will be trying something new, I have posted a great quote by a man named Francis Bacon. Instead of me telling you what the quote means to me, I want to see what the quote means to you. Head down to the comment section and let us know what the quote means to you and why? What does it remind you of? What’s an opportunity you would like to “Find?” What exactly is “Finding” an opportunity in your words.

“A wise man will make more opportunity than

he finds.” -Francis Bacon


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  1. …wise man never has to search for opportunities, they always reveal before him…

  2. I do not consider myself a wise man but I do believe that I leave myself open to opportunity. We are considering moving and whilst looking for houses to live in, the real estate also had a job available. I applied for that whilst I applied for the house. Opportunity where I did not see it.

    • Stephen,

      You do not have to consider yourself a “wise man” to make an opportunity. Applying for that job was a wise decision, you should consider yourself a wise man. Good luck on the house Stephen! Hope it all works out for you!


  3. A wise person gives advice from a bucket with no bottom, creating opportunity in abundance and, in the act, receives more opportunity in return than the typical taking that a foolish man performs in his everyday life — the pebble-in-the-pond effect, sending out concentric waves of happiness in all directions, waves that multiply when they encounter each other as they reverberate.

    • Treetunkrick

      Fantastic answer, love the pebble in the pond reference! I complete agree the energy that the wise man gives in all direction is what truly makes him a wise man.


  4. cruz2lose says:

    A wise man will make or create more opportunity rather than just seeking it out or simply waiting for it….I believe a wise man will make that opportunity not just for himself but for others as well.
    : )

    • Cruz2lose,

      Completely agree, we have to make opportunities in our lives and be our own “wise man!” Making opportunities for other is also the way of the wise man, helping others more then helping yourself.


  5. haroldmillet says:

    As we continue our journey in life, we will find a lot of surprises and one of these surprises I considered big is “opportunity”. Sometimes we may find ourselves kinda “lost” but at the end of the day we find that way to the direction we planned. It’s a matter of how you utilize everything that surrounds you towards the fulfillment of your goal. It may be a sense of negativity like hindrance or challenges that we may not foresee as we go along to that path but you find more opportunity to be wiser next time. These opportunities just come and we may not realize these until we become wise enough to deal with more than what we expected. Start your journey with courage…everything will fall into places. =)

    • Haroldmillet,

      What a great answer! I agree, we all find ourselves somewhat “lost” at times however, its what we do that makes us wise. Courage is a BIG part in our lives, dreams are pursued with courage, and life should be “attacked” with this courage. Love the last quote you gave!


  6. Destiny should to be pro-actively created, not passively stumbled upon. We need more wise men…and women. :)

  7. julie says:

    A thinker..a creator..will always find opportunity because he thinks outside the box and looks for and recognizes things that most would not. He is open and willing to change and is constantly seeking new and different.Very wise, indeed Ahh..wouldnt it be great to live life like this! I know I try:)

  8. Julie,

    You have taken my answer straight from my thoughts. Exactly what I would say! It would be great to live life like this wouldn’t it? I can admit, that I also try to. Lets never stop trying Julie!


  9. Andromache says:

    The quote reminds me that what we see is not always all there is.

    There is freedom in thinking outside of the box.

    When presented with opportunities, many people view them as choices to be made. But the truth is, we always have choices to make in life…

    And if opportunities are in fact choices…. Than we always have opportunities.

    And we need not sit idle waiting for them to find us,
    but learn to see them laying all around us.

    • Andromache,

      Exactly! We have to make the most of our sorroundings and read between the lines. Only then can we be wise men or women and make opportunities for ourselves. However, it doesn’t stop there, when we find these opportunities we have to stick with them, and make the most of them.


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  11. Planul meu de afaceri este mai bun :)

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