Wednesdays with Buena: Happy Resolutions!


Photo of Michaela Cruz- Ungos

By Buenaflor Laoang

We are all excited about 2012 in our life. A fresh beginning. A new hope. An updated you. Another set of twelve months of many chances to make ourselves better than last year.

Well, let me guess that like me, you are full of excitement writing down your resolutions! But as we ink them out, think about this- everything we put in there will be our very own responsibility! Every single item will be up to us!  

There may be items in which, we fear that- we might fail again in making them happen. I do! But here’s what I have for you today: trying it NOW can get you closer to your goal than fearing that it will not likely happen so you do nothing at all! Do not delete it as part of your list! Get with that wish! Whatever it is you want to resolve, or renew, or attain- try, and make it happen!

Make your resolutions happen this year! Ink them filled with joy, so your heart will be yearning to make them come true. They may be as small as an extended delicious sleep, an old favorite closet to declutter, a visit to your special childhood friend, some sentimental photos to hardcopy. Or perhaps, bigger goals like- graduating this year, landing in a job, or forgiving somebody who hurt you that left the scar for years. Go- make it happen!

And you’ll be happy when you soon find out- you have really made your happy resolutions come true!

My challenge this week is- make your Happy Resolutions Happen!

And don’t forget to pray,