The Best of AMSDaily in 2011

I promised last week that Saturday Success Story will resume today, with Rowena Sy-Santos of Keyks (whose story is already in the line up) – however I just can not end 2011 without sharing with you the best of 2011 here at AMSDaily.

It has been an eventful year from AMSDaily and I would like to THANK YOU dear readers for your continued support. Thank you for everything! Thank you for reading, commenting, liking and sharing our posts. Thank you for staying with us and going back again and again to be inspired or motivated. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Here are some of the things that made 2011 prosperous for AMSDaily.

AMSDaily is now 6 months old.

AMSDaily grew from 1 follower to 390 blog subscribers and from 0 Facebook Page fan to 529 Aspire.Motivate.Succeed Facebook page fans!

AMSDaily hit close to 25, 000 views since June 14, 2011.

AMSDaily has featured 18 Saturday Success Stories and 2 special edition stories.

AMSDaily has partnered with 30 + 2 PLEDGERS and is now in the final stage of sending 15 selected high school students from the Tarlac College of Agriculture (Updates will be posted in late January upon completion of the project) for free.

AMSDaily has been interviewed and featured twice and has been nominated for 5 blog awards!

However, beyond these statistics and amazing events it was a fulfilling year for me personally:

– I turned 30!!!

– Met a lot of successful people who shared their stories with me and to you.

– Started my living-on-a-cash-basis only.

– Began reading and exploring the idea of minimalism even more.

I am as delighted, inspired, motivated and also prepared to embrace 2012 with greater hopes, dreams and more lives to be inspired. I am also excited to see what 2012 will bring to us all.

Before we leave 2011 behind, here are some of the most popular posts and also my favorite posts of the year. If you weren’t a regular at AMSDaily, these posts could be a good way for you to start reading/following AMSdaily. My mission, together with the writers, contributors and photographers of AMSDaily is to bring the best in you by

A. The Most Popular AMSDaily Posts of 2011: Saturday Success Story – we all know that each Saturday Success Story is different from the other however, people keeps on reading and getting inspired from these particular posts that they’ve bumped these 5 stories up to the ceiling. Most of the Saturday Success Stories are in the top-50 posts of all time but below are the five most popular Saturday Success Story in order:

1. Success Story Two: Maricar Primero-Tangonan

2.Success Story Four: Tina Enad-Tagle

3. Success Story Nine: John Patrick Agustin

4. Success Story Seventeen: Joannalene Escarlos-Abayon

5.  Success Story Sixteen: Honey Rose Miguel

B. The Most Popular AMSDaily Posts of 2011: Daily Posts (in order)

1. Day 47: Tarlac College of Agrilculture-LHS, Central Luzon’s premier high school

2. Day 46: The Lesson Behind Cinderella

3. 7 Wonders by a Child

4. Day 30: In Reaching for our Dreams

5. Parol: Light of Christmas

6. Day 82: 10 Lessons I Learned from watching Miss Universe 2011

7. 3 Kinds of People in the World

8. Day 28: The Beautiful Things in Life

9. Day 83: Being a Warrior

10. Day 53: Living Without Expectations

C. My Personal Favorite Posts: In no particular order

1. Day 63: My Motivation Manifesto

2. Wednesdays with Buena: Happy New Year

3. Saturday Success Story: Israel Domingo-Basilio

4. Day 1: Write your Dreams

5. Are you smarter than a preschooler?

Cheers! Manigong Bagong Taon! (Happy New Year!)