Wednesdays with Buena: Start Right Away!

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By Buenaflor Laoang

Hi there! Have you carried on the challenge to “embrace” last week? What were the things that you embraced? I hope your actions really paid off! Or if you haven’t yet- today’s post is for you: START RIGHT AWAY!

We first recall on the weekly challenges of this series–which, by the way, was ignited by a state of dryness I felt at that time, and in the goal of arriving at a more clarified self, purer intentions, a calmer and more loving being—so this series was born. As I invited you to be ready for a brighter, more fulfilling New Year, we explored on the acronym REFRESH:






S – TART RIGHT AWAY, which today’s post is all about!

I encourage that if you haven’t read the above links, you do so today if you get more time, so that you can have a feel of how transformation within and outside the self can be possible, if we decide to start doing some new, more “acted-out” things in our life.

Today, I’ll leave with a simple- START RIGHT AWAY!

Nothing beats it. To start early, or to start now, or to do it right away!

Because I’ve been personally in this adventure for more than a month, I could honestly tell you that it really worked. If I just stayed in bed and sulked and let dried by time, I would have let go of five weeks of my life! Now on the sixth, I think I have fully recovered from a past state and am already (or again) enjoying my days. I could tell you that if I hadn’t started acting out right away one November day, I might have just grown lazy hair up to this time, dried up my bones, and babied such an ugly reflection inside and out- and what else? Worst things could have happened to me.

The key is- renew your mindset, and start acting out right away! Start smiling. Start feeling sexy. Start seeking your inner silence. Start saving. Start savoring. Start saying things right. Start saying no. Start sweeping the yard, for a change. Start rising early. Start speaking, or start remaining silent sometimes. Whatever it is you think you need- start acting on it right away.

I’d now share the sixth of my letters to myself, (and perhaps a letter to you):


Dear (Your name),

You remember the time you stayed so long in bed? You were too consumed recalling past events, trying to figure out what brought you to that state. You tried to list down dreams that seemed impossible to attain, or stared blank at your coffee that’s gotten cold. Till finally you said, where can all this bring me? You started to get up, dress up, and look up. It’s a wide sky out there which you neglected to see for a while. You went out and began to talk to people around you. And then things followed quite easily- you’re back to doing what you always loved doing; you’ve seen life’s beauty once again; you are no longer afraid of every day that comes—you know full well that- if it’s your last, you have lived fulfilled.

Finally, you started acting out. One day it hit you- start everything right away!  And there, you’re free.





  1. eof737 says:

    starting right is always a good thing. ;-) Happy Holidays!

  2. flamidwyfe says:

    I embraced my work situation here in China… I was ready to throw in the towel and read your blog and remembered that I’m here for a purpose and a goal… so I embraced it :)

  3. Buena Laoang says:

    Hi there again flamidwyfe! you know Ma’am, since yesterday you have become an inspiration to me! As i have prayed about you this morning I just felt how incredibly God uses us in our own little ways to become a blessing to other people. I salute you for “catching babies” and that’s definitely one thing I will surely love to do if I can at all be given a chance to do it! :) God bless your purposes daily!


    • flamidwyfe says:

      Thank you, Buena. I believing catching babies is a calling for me and I’m blessed that I get to do it. Feeling a baby slide into your hands as it emerges from it’s mother’s womb is so close to being near God that you physically feel His presence. Thank you for your prayers, your widome and the inspiration I get from your writing :)

  4. Thanks for continually inspiring us, Alpha! What an awesome blog you have here. Merry Christmas to you and your family! ;)

  5. Philips says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog, please keep up the amazing works that you have been doing. I will check back soon.

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