Tuesdays with Ronald: Who is Ronald?

AMS: Tell us about yourself, your backround and how you became a part of AMSDaily.
A:  My name is Ronald Colunga, I was born August 16th 1993 (18 years of age, young isnt it?) I love to read and write. I collect sneakers as well as comics. I love to travel. I cant eat enough seafood in a day. My ethnicity is Cuban, I was born in Cuba but moved to the states in 1995. I now reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. I became a part of AMSDaily because, I liked their cause, the donation for every like on facebook is very moving. I wanted to become a part of that so when I saw an opportunity to share my thoughts and my writing, I took it.
 AMS: What inspired you to share your talents and skills on the blog?
A: AMSDaily is a very special place with many special people. A very warm and humble blog. When I came across it, I enjoyed what I read so much that I wanted nothing more but to become a part of it. I am very thankful for the given opportunity and look forward to what’s to come in the future.
 AMS: Who are your inspiration behind your contributions?
A: Every person that I come across in my life. I have talked to many people and heard so many uplifting stories that it inspired me to start writing. I wanted to share these peoples stories as well as mine, and inspire people to acheive their dreams and follow their hearts. Everyone can acheive greatness, they just need a little inspiration, motivation, & education to do it!
AMS: Can you share us a personal story that may be motivating, inspiring or simply uplifting.
A: In the winter of 2010 (Age 17) I lost a retail job that I had at Sears. With no money to pay for bills or gas, and my parents in a very complicated situation as well, times were extremely tough. I began to educate myself on a very interesting topic ( Sneaker restoration.) With a little motivation I began my small at home business to restore sneakers and try to make a living out of it. In the end it all worked out for me, proving to be somewhat of a success especially for a individual of my age at the time. Reason that I chose this story is because no matter how tough things might get, if you keep a open mind and a positive outlook things will get better. You are always able to make something out of nothing and get through those tough times. Always stay positive and keep a hunger to be better and do better, and you will succeed.
AMS: What is success?
A: Success is what you make it. The defition of success should come within the person that is asking the question itself. If YOU feel like YOU have tried your best at something and YOU are happy then YOU are successful. No one can define success for you, only you can define it for yourself.