30 Things I Wish To Have

Last week it was my 30 things to do, this week it is my list of 30 things I wish to have for my birthday.

There is a reason to my madness and I am backed up by credible researchers on the area of gift giving. On December 4, the Boston Magazine ran an article about how many Americans are dissatisfied about the gifts they receive during the a perceived event such as at Christmas, birthday or just-because. Although the whole concept of gift-giving is supposed-to-be for the surprise effect and the it’s-the-thought-that-counts factors that needed to be addressed when giving gifts, a new study has confirmed that the best way to show that the giver really cares for what the receiver wants to have is to listen.

Listen to what they want and go from there.

Listen is key to gift-giving, so to speak.

Remember  as young children you were asked, “what do you want on your birthday?” or as many of you have probably asked this question recently among young children, “what do you want from Santa?” – the thrill and the amount of happiness when you used to receive gifts that you long for? It was unbelievable, correct?

I know the feeling when I started to ask my husband exactly what I wanted for our anniversary and so on – it was liberating! (I truly wish I had done sooner.) For a few years, he’d surprise with something thoughtful and nice but I had wished for something different. That was when I began to ask for te things I truly want – which he started to do.

Yes, the surprise may be gone – but the appreciation that I am being heard is truly sincere!

Nonetheless, why keep a secret of what you would like to have on your special day besides it is what you want to have – and it is what you need to have.

So, today I’ll give my list – my 30 meaningful, functional and affordable (mostly under $50) things I wish (would-like) to have on my birthday:

1. Blue Signing Pen (Pilot works well) – you should see me go over to one of our secretaries everytime I need to sign a document, you’d laugh. I go to her desk to borrow her blue fine-point pen! This is why I have to have one signing pen. And why blue? One of my mentors once told me before that the only way you can distinguish between an original and a photocopied document is when the ink of the original document is written in a different color other than black. Blue is the next official ink color, from black.

2. Moleskine notebook– my mind goes around when I am on the highway. That’s why when I get to a stop I search through my bag for a piece of paper to write my thoughts.

3. A copy of the book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother – Yes, I still love the paper copy even if in my mind, I would certainly love to have a Kindle. Why this book? I just love the author and her beliefs. Did you know that she lived in the Philippines and then moved to the US after? I want to keep a copy of it to myself because I feel like there is a strong connection of her cultural background and the way she brought up her daughters – and possibly I can get some training from her through her writing.

4. A Box of the Yogi Tea – my comfort drink! Not to mention the quotes that go with it. I’ve blogged about the quotes I’ve gotten from

5. A pack of the real, authentic and ground Thai tea leaves – Sheni, one of my friends made the orange-y Thai tea last summer and I can not believe how amazing the taste of the real Thai tea versus the instant Thai teas I buy from the supermarket! However, I have yet to find where to buy the real Thai tea leaves.

6. Levi’s Jeans – oh, the American casual uniform. It is sad that I’ve seen some Levi’s Jeans made in China – or – wait Levi’s are now made in China – all of them. Levi’s is an American tradition and  it should go with the territory. But, where is the territory when our boundaries are no longer limited with the advent of information technology? Anyhow – a Levi’s is a Levi’s is a Levi’s – it’s an American tradition, it’s the tradition!

7. White Longsleeves. Shortsleeves Shirts – It doesn’t matter what it is – as long as it it made from 100% cotton. I know what this reminds me of, the white, impeccable, spotless shirt I used to wear when I used to attend contests. I used to pair that with my school uniform.

8. Cotton Underwear – and why not So-En panties if they are available for purchase here in the US? I do not have any So-En at all, but somehow I miss that type of 100% cotton feeling in between my legs that do not have any types of pretentions – just plain, free and wonderful feeling. Shall I also mention innocence?

9. Mommy and Me apron set – because I love to cook and my daughter and I just love the kitchen!

10. LL Bean Vest – My Bean Vest for 8 years’s zipper collapsed and I would like to have a replacement – in vibrant color this time, not the old, boring black I used to have.

11. LL Bean Winter White Coat – The LL Bean makes the most long-lasting and durable coat. Yes, it can be pricey (and not under $20) but it is well worth it.

12. Reusable Lunch Pack – I was going to say the LL Bean one (again?) – since hubby and daughter have both, while I do not (go figure!). However, I think I need to have one now and dump all the recycled grocery bags I use to put my lunch and snacks everyday.

13. Chanel Red Lipstick because every woman must have one!

14. Yankee Candle (Cinnamon) – if it is candle, it has to be Yankee Candle – not only because it originated in Massachusetts but because the craftmanship is truly excellent! It burns the longest and the scent stays until the wick reaches the bottom of the candle jar. It is sulit (worth it!)

15. A photograph of my grandfather – a vintage picture of him and maybe my grandmother placed in a silver/chrome picture frame, which I would like to keep in my office along with my other family pictures.

16. My name carved/etched  on a wooden block – I do not know where my Mom used to have her name etched on a wooden plank or something to that manner that she used to put on her work desk  –  I would like to have something like that on my desk as well. Like Mother, like daughter!

17. Michael Bubble’s Christmas 2011 CD – The only singer I would put my headphones on would be this Canadian crooner. He lifts me up. I saw his concert a few years ago and I’d tell you, I’d pay premium the next time he is back in town!

18. Any handcrafted/handmade card or things – sometimes this is the most special gift – a handmade, handcrafted thing or even a handwritten card! In today’s electronic world, handwritten notes are a luxury!

19. Crocheted table linens – handmade would be perfect!

20. A jewelry box – I used to sell jewelry and I’ve kept some of my favorites from my first collection. This will tell me of my creativity and my ability to start something that I am passionate about.

21. Skinny brown, black belt – Quincy-based women’s apparel company, JJill has them on sale – and they look gorgeous on anything!

22. Hooded sweatshirt that spells HARVARD across the chest – and it has to be gray in color. I want to feel Harvard close to my heart, that’s why!

23. UP-Diliman’s shirt – if I would get a Harvard hoodie then I gotta have a UPD shirt as well. I am a full-blooded Iska – no more, no less.

24. Red Sox shirt and cap – I’ve never been a sports junkie and I despise owning a baseball cap – but hey, it’s time to grow up and learn the sports rules. But first, I have to look the part and be one of them.

The next few things are definitely on my agenda: (#29 has been on my list for two years now)

25. Solitaire Diamond earrings*

26. Clark’s Boots*

27. Tory Burch ballet flats*

28. Cape Cod bracelet*

29. Burberry Haymarket Bag and wallet*

30. Black Leather Strap with white-pearl dial Watch – Movado Museum

My Auntie Ada used to tell me if it will make you happy, get it – save for it. I know it will be a fleeting feeling of happiness – but get this – I promise that in every item I’ll receive I will give up one of my possessions.

How about you? What is on your list?