Wednesdays with Buena: Embrace, period

Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

By Buenaflor Laoang

Dear Me,

There- you are happy. Having coached those children about writing, learning from conversations with people, visiting your aunts, dating with friends you haven’t seen for a while, hugging and attending to your little kiddos more closely, forgiving your partner time and time again… the list goes on about the things you find lovely to do, and yet you are filled to the brim in each activity. You cannot explain the feeling, but you know you are back! Press on.



Last week, I left you with the challenge of utilizing the seven days to resuming to your passions and mission. I hope to hear how you had been about it! As of me- as you’ve read above, I’d been filled with much gladness in my heart. Those are some of the things I always loved doing and I tried to spend the week focusing to accomplish those heartwarming activities.  So far- it was all worth it. I’d like to think so it is with you, too! I wish you all the joy life can give you, the inner joy that your love, passions, and faith can give you.

This week- two Wednesdays more before New Year, and about ten days to go and the whole world celebrates Christmas, I’d like to ask you to do this –Embrace. And that’s plain, no ifs and buts, just embrace.

Seven things you can start embracing for the seven days this week:

1 – Embrace your situation. Maybe you’re in a hard time right now, and it just gets you. Why not- rather than feeling “boxed” to it, you unwrap it and see what “present” (or gift) there is in this present. It may be an opportunity to learn and gather pearls of wisdom; show what a survivor or warrior you are, a process you have to go through for what the future holds for you. Look at it with positivity and enthusiasm.  I’ve been told this once- when things start to bother you, it’s not the situation that you try to change; it’s your attitude to it.

2 – Embrace your dreams and the responsibilities that go with them. At some points in our life, we neglected about our dreams as a child (check this-, but you see, you haven’t forgotten about it at all. Embrace your dreams once again. And be ready to act to make them come true. This day might just be the right day to make it happen- whatever that is which is seeded in your heart! We all say that the best time to make things happen is now. go, follow your star! And you don’t just look at it- you have to act like the three Magi who went their way and found it.

3 – Embrace yourself. Oprah once said something like this in her show, love that self that has faithfully been with you and endured through the years… You may want to give yourself a gift you have so long eyed, or treat it to the spa, or just have time alone traveling. If you are lonely or mad- allow yourself to express it; explore or pour your feelings in a journal until you have clarified yourself. Please do not shout your anger at others, or just talk out your pains to whoever- that might not really be helpful, as my past experiences have shown me. Take it in within you first, and embrace you. From your innermost, pray about it. Then you will see- it will be easier to see things, to learn to let go of hurtful or hateful events, and then to embrace just what is there to make you happy and live a full life. Then you will be able to find love in your heart again. Until you claim that- you will not be able to fully love! So start with you.

4 – Embrace the people around you. Give hugs. Extend that long delayed warm greetings. Start with a pat on the back. Talk to him or her by being the first to hold that hand for an invitation to sit down together. Forgive.

5 – Embrace goodness and faith.

6 – Embrace God’s unending blessings.

7 – Embrace, period.

However you want to elaborate on the last items- have it your way! Actually you can add to the list! The key is- embrace! What are the other things you want to embrace, or at least give it a try?

Of course, there are just some things in this world that are hard to do, especially if one’s heart is broken. Me, too- it took so long for me! But then I said, will I choose to end up hurting?

BE ALWAYS THOUGHTFUL OF THIS- You see, we don’t have all the days of forever! Today may just be my last day; or yours. We will not be afraid to think so, if we learn to embrace now.

Have a lovely week! My hugs.