3 Kinds of People in the World


Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

By Ronald Colunga

There are three kinds of people in this world that we live in. There is that unique group of people classified as “Wills.” Then, we have the “Wont’s.” Last but not least we have the “Cant’s”. We all at least know one person in each of these categories. Let’s determine which one are you, shall we?


First, let’s talk about the wills. This certain group of people are the ones with the positive energy. They always believe they “Will” do whatever they put their mind to. There is nothing that can stop them, nothing that they can’t handle. These are the people that help others, they use their positive energy to influence others to apply that “Will” lifestyle to their lives as well. Wills strive to achieve their goals, they strive to help other achieve theirs. Not only do they have the mindset to help them achieve greatness, but they have the mindset to help others achieve greatness, which makes them wonderful people.  Always giving off a good vibe and good energy, making you want to be around them. Ask the wills for advice, they will (no pun intended) guide you in the right path. “The wills accomplish everything.”


The wont’s are also known as the “Opposers” or the “Haters” this day and age if you like to be retro, so to speak. The wont’s are of course, the ones that say won’t to every single question. I guess you can also say the wont’s are somewhat of the jealous types, they don’t want anyone to do better than them. They shut everyone down with the won’t speech and discourage an individual. With their won’t mentality they also hurt themselves, wont’s begin to answer their own questions with their same answer and speech  and begin to discourage themselves. “The wont’s oppose everything.”


Here we go with the cant’s, this is a group of individuals that accomplish nothing. These are the people that tell everyone they can’t do anything. These are the ones that don’t get enough from their failures that they have to bring other people down with them. The negative energy with the cant’s is incredible. DO NOT let their negative energy bring you down. Instead use that energy to make you into a “Will” use their can’t mindset to give you inspiration and motivation on your path. “The cant’s fail in everything.