How to Create a Healthy Balance in Your Life

Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

By Liz Scala

Today, I would like you to look  at how we create balance. 

What are some steps I might tell someone to take in order to achieve more balance in their lives?  What do I recommend that you might do in order to balance healthy living in your favor?  To me, this is really what it is all about; this is why I am passionate about coaching.  This is why I do what I do.  As a coach I want to be the person that people come to when they are ready to ready to tip the scales in their favor; to create healthy balance and see themselves as their number one priority!…

Here are several steps to creating healthy balance in your life:

Take stock of where you are presently at:

I use a tool that I created based off of many tools of its nature.  The tool is a wheel of balance.  There are many of these out there, but I have added in more “cogs”, so to speak, then in any of the other models I have seen.  Using this tool, a person is able to evaluate where they are focusing time and energy.  One can look at the wheel and figure out which areas are getting tended to and which areas are lacking attention.  For example, I might look at my wheel and see that I am spending a lot of time on physical movement and that part of my lifestyle is very healthy, but that I am in a ton of debt and creditors are chasing me down, hence making that part of my life unhealthy.  This tool helps you become aware of where your life is in and out of balance.  It is simple to use and the visualization of it puts things nicely into perspective. 

Be honest with yourself:

 Now that you have used the balance tool to see which areas you are paying more or less attention to you must be really honest with your thoughts, feelings, and actions in these areas.  Do you want to spend more time in certain areas than others?  If so, why?  What fears or discomforts are you avoiding?  Are these fears really even rationale or are they unfounded, based on assumptions and worries?  If you are able to give more balanced attention to certain areas which are lacking, how and when do you want to start?  What excites you about working with some areas you may not have done as easily in the past?  So be honest with what your intentions are and if you are able to spend time balancing out your lifestyle.

Start where your energy takes you:

So you may look at your balance wheel and find there are several areas that could use more attention.  Realistically you are not going to start working in all of the areas at once; we just don’t have time for that in our busy lives!  So where are you being pulled?  What are you feeling like working on first?  Notice where your energy is taking you and begin with those areas first.  It will be easier and more fun to improve the balance to those aspects of your well-being you are drawn to.

Create a plan and get organized:

You are going to want to start paying more attention to new realms of your well-being and to do so isn’t going to magically happen.  You will need to schedule time in for new things, otherwise they will not get done.  So if you noticed that your nutrition was lacking on your wheel and that was something you were excited about improving upon, you will have to schedule this in to your day-to-day planner.  This is going to be something new that you are introducing into your lifestyle so it might take some getting used to.  Change does not occur overnight.

Reach out for support:

Do not go this alone.  Making changes in our lives is never easy.  Rather than struggling and failing why not ask loved ones, colleagues, or even professionals for help?  It will make changing a behavior that much easier and it will bring your whole being into better balance.

All things in moderation: 

So you might have been going all at it at the gym, but you keep getting passed up for promotions at work.  Maybe you haven’t given much time and energy to your educational piece of your life and that is something you wish you had more time for.  Well, if you are at the gym for two hours everyday after work you may not have time to get more coursework in.  So you might have to cut back on gym time in order to take a workshop or a college course.  All things should be done in moderation, lest we are unbalanced and one-sided.

Have fun: 

If balancing your life starts to feel like work, then stop worrying about it.  You are doing this to be healthy and whole, not to add more “chore-like” behaviors to your plate.  Find fun in new experiences.  Have a good time trying out other areas of well-being.  Do things with gratitude, courage, and joy.  Know that in the grand scheme of things if you are more balanced and well-rounded, the more healthy you will be.  But do this when ready, willing, and able.  Do not force it.  Have a good time with it!

…So these are my thoughts on building balance in your life.  I will reflect more on these steps to see if anything else comes up.  I would welcome more ideas on this topic if anyone has followed any steps in creating balance in their lives…

What do you do to create healthy balance?  Have you any process that has worked time and time again?