Wednesdays with Buena: Resume on your Passions and Mission

Photo by Randy Legaspi

By Buenaflor Laoang

Dear Me,

Congratulations, for holding on. Look at you- yesterday so scarred and ugly; now, glowing and smiling again. It paid off to keep on praying and believing.

I can clearly see that the three weeks that passed and the activities you chose to do, helped a lot in readying you for the weeks ahead. You have remembered, energized, felt blessed by going out. It’s now a week to resume on the things you strongly love.



If you’ve been keeping with me in this series, for the past weeks we’ve done activities in the goal of reaching a refreshed self in time for New Year. This week, I encourage you to do this with me- resume on your passions and mission.

What have been the things that once captured your heart and mind to it, that for some time you neglected doing because at one point, you thought you failed? Friend, let us both remind ourselves that we only fail, once we quit! So our duty is to proceed, to resume, to get back doing. Keep trudging the road! At the end of it is success, or if it isn’t, the journey itself and seeing what is at the end of it is triumph in itself. You found out! You didn’t just bar yourself on the ‘what if’s’.

I recently discovered that one of my missions in life is to communicate love among people. To call out for restored relationships, family togetherness, lasting friendships. My passion on the other hand is writing, usually about things I go through. I resumed on these both, and the reward is awesome. I try not to think first about getting benefits to myself in doing these things, however tempting. I just do it. Because just being able to resume to my mission and passions in life is richness beyond compare. I am wealthy just by receiving and practicing these heaven’s gifts.

I urge you to try that this entire week. Revisit your passions. Identify your mission. Live them out. Live.  

P.S. I am a scarred self who has been reminded of the unique creations of God actually designed to be. This series is dedicated to all those who are in a state as I am. May the psalms remind us- you were fearfully and wonderfully made! Know that fully well.