Raise Your Right Hand


By Alpha

In 2001, De Beers  Jewellery launched the right hand ring campaign as a way to encourage women of the world to celebrate independence and indulgence. The right-hand campaign also started a revolution that wearing and buying diamond rings are not only confined to weddings and anniversaries but has become a symbol for women who need to celebrate an event such as a promotion, a milestone or just because. It has also become an empowering ad campaign to women who have chosen to have an independent spirit, economic freedom/power and the ability to be influential.

Today, I encourage all the women – especially in honor of the RH Bill (Philippines) to please Raise Your Right Hand. You know, you can do it! You know you have the right for it. It is time for  all the women to speak and raise your right hand – be free, be who you are! You are a woman!


  1. This sounds like a great cause, but what is the RH Bill?

  2. UsiSera says:

    maybe the campaign is a disguise for another marketing strategy to encourage women to spend things that they dont need after all.

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