Matthieu Ricard: What Makes Life Worth Living? (video series)

Matthieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk, a photographer, philanthropist and whose ideas on happiness and the world around has been documented. The above picture is one of his masterpieces. He takes pictures and shares them on his website .

Last week, I wrote about him and his idea on happiness.  

Today, as promised, you’ll find five of his video series on happiness. There are a few more videos that I intend to share next week.

I love what he said in his interview with Scott Gray and he said:

“I don’t care very much at all for labels. I mean, what is the use? They don’t make us healthy or help us live longer or anything. So, those are just completely artificial and you can see how they are made, how they are unmade. It is just like a children’s game. It is about equals – an equal, constant thing – you are bad, you are great. What really matters is the sense of direction we have in life, what is really meaningful, to discover that selfish happiness doesn’t work. It has to come from a genuine sense of flourishing that’s accompanied with enthusiasm, compassion and finding inner peace, and then using that as a tool to better serve others. So that is what makes me happy or fulfilled.

You can say that compassion without action is like a mother with her hands tied behind her back, seeing a child cast into the water. So that feeling of powerlessness and uselessness is easily conveyed.

So, knowledge without practice is like running around in shackles in a flood: there’s nowhere to go. Or, practice without knowledge is like climbing a steep mountain with your hands tied behind your back: you keep falling back. All of those are striking images that show you what you should combine, how you should lead your special practice, and how you should behave in life. They immediately appeal to the mind, and relate to your experience, so they are sometimes more useful than a lengthy explanation.”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5