Wednesdays with Buena: Feel the Beauty Around You

Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

By Buenaflor Laoang

Dear Me,

That’s great; I see you’re doing finer now. You have reminded yourself what you’ve been created to be- a loving, generous, beautiful spirit- and it’s clear in your mind. You hold it in your heart.

 You have also managed to get that body moving! You no longer mind if it’s aching or if it’s not used to an endeavor, you just know you have to do it! Say goodbye to those old, spoiled lazybones!

You are determined to be a changed self. You see hope once again.  Enough holding on to the ugly details of your past failures. Now, you see things possible. To redeem, to glow, to have that beautiful smile on your face once again.

Keep it up.




For the past two posts in Wednesdays with me, I shared with you two secrets in getting REFRESHed, a list of nice things to do seven weeks before New Year. Your first week starts with R-remembering who you are. And then on the second, you were with me in E- energizing yourself.

Now, we move to our task this week, F –feeling the beauty around you.

As I promised last week, I want to tell you about the wonderful things I discovered during my last week’s run:

1. Little mushrooms sprouting beautifully around a mountain of hay. You touch them, and they are so soft and tender; a single pull would hurt their delicate nature. But while the Philippine carabao feeds nearby, the mushrooms look undeterred—still majestic in stature. It’s like they know very well that Somebody up there takes care of them; no worries.  


2. The simplicity yet happiness of farm life, with all the farm folks greeting you on your way. They are mostly old men attending to their crops, younger men starting their day cleaning up their farm machines or drying grains, and old and young women alike lulling their babies or organizing their sari-sari stores—almost everyone is greeting you! You will just glow on the cheeks! It will seem that they are just waiting for you to come out and be their friend!


3. The rays of the sun rising behind the mountain and clouds. You see the light slowly enveloping the entire sky. The birds start to fly together and sing. The crops and the grasses and the trees sway with the fresh air. If you get out in the morning and bring yourself close to nature, you’d see all these things and more. You can just say as I did, “all things –really- so bright and wonderful!”

There are many more other wonders I’ve seen during my early jogs. Daily, I am added a new discovery of beauty. And I just have to feel and embrace the beauty around me! The beauty of little things like the mushroom that inspired a great character within me; the beauty of good relationships with people around me (it’s not a lonely world after all); the beauty of life and natural resources provided for us to enjoy and breathe with gladness, daily.

I learned that sometimes, we just have to get out.  And feel the beauty around.


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