How to Spend a Day?

Photo of Absterrabi

By Alpha

How would you spend a day?

If I asked you that question, would you have an answer for me - right away?

While you were reading the above photo that contains words and things that one can do with a day, would you do the same? How would you create your day? How would you like to spend your day? What would your list look like?

Would you have 13 things as well? Or maybe more?

Remember everyday is your day; your special present. You are given this moment to do things as you please. You are given the strength and the mind to make things happen for you. It is all up to you – including how you spend a day.

Last week I talked about some of the things you can do in 24 hours and I have shared with you one of my favorite days over the summer and how I spent it with my family. If I were to have that day again, I would certainly play reruns of it more than I can count with my fingers and toes.


  1. gethappy says:

    Alpha, I certainly agree with the notion every day is a present. Thanks or reminding us

  2. This is a great post to remind us that every day in indeed our day to spend it as we wish. Too often I think we get caught up in work and forget to enjoy even just an hour or two of our day as our own!

  3. Jessica says:

    Tomorrow I plan to:

    1. Go hiking at sunrise until I am out of breath.
    2. Photograph something unusual.
    3. Have a conversation with a stranger.
    4. Go down the slide at the playground.
    5. Get sisterly advice.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. gracefully50 says:

    I love reading your inspirational posts. It’s uplifting. Thanks!

  5. Hi,
    Every moment is prescious. Do what gives you pleasure and don’t forget to make someone else’s day as well. Thank you.
    be good to yourself

  6. Today is a gift. That is why it’s called the “present.” Tomorrow is the future. It will depend on what you do to the “present.” Thanks for the motivating post.

  7. Robin says:

    Well, today I:

    Splashed in the puddles and small ponds left behind by three days of rain, getting my feet all muddy.
    Visited a few new (to me) blogs.
    Got down on the floor and played with the cats (instead of standing over them).
    Took the longest time to drink my morning tea, savoring the warmth and taste of it.
    Played with some photos, trying out different techniques.
    Gave out lots of hugs.
    Quacked at the ducks who live in the pond.

    And more. :)

    Wonderful post. Thank you.

  8. eof737 says:

    Great suggestions. :-)

  9. robpixaday says:

    Excellent post!

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