Thanksgiving from a Child’s Point of View

Sitting down with my daughter last night, I asked her what does thanksgiving really mean to her? She gave me a few answers:

1. Celebrate Turkey – ehhh!

2. Celebrate Plates – ohh!

3. Food.

4. Celebrating parties.

5. Celebrating a feast, a thanksgivinng feast.

6. When friends come over they play with other kids that live in the house.

7. When it’s time to  go home and when the kids don’t want them to go home ,you can give them a hug!

8. I am thankful for myself!

9. I am thankful for someone else – for my stuffed animals, my treasure box and YOU and Dada and Grammy – uhm – and I love everybody else in my family.

10. I am thankful for food!

Some of her answers might seem comical and hilarious but for her these are what makes thanksgiving special.

At the end of our conversation, she went over to her backpack and gave us a card that she made at school. Inside it are the following:

This isn’t just a Turkey

As anyone can see,

I made it with my hand

Which is a part of me

It comes with lots of love

Especially to say

I hope that you have a very


She signed the card with her name and with this post is the cover of her card.

I am especially thankful for her!


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