Wednesdays with Buena: Energize your Day

By Buenaflor Laoang

Dear Me,

Now that you realize the things you’ve been missing terribly in life- giving that love within you away—will you just be content staying at your bed too long? Planning your schedule over and over? Dreaming of your beautiful visions but in a rocking chair?


You have displayed enough laziness and boredom, Buena. .  You’re tired feeling the same way.  It is healthy that you recognized that about you. Now—it is time to move! You think you are drying up your bones and losing your directions, get up!  Walk!  Run! Energize yourself!

You’ll not get anywhere if you don’t do it now.




Yes, if you are wanting change in your life, to recover things about yourself like what I’ve personally been into lately;  after remembering who you are the next thing to do,  literally is—RUN!  (Three to five kilometers if you may!).

Energize yourself!

As I am typing this down, I just had my jog.  I have started doing it before by joining fun runs but neglected for many months—because of that phase I told you about last Wednesday: dryness.  Then, a friend (Janelle Ong) posted how she has been doing in her almost daily runs. You may want to check it out here:

When you see her, you’d really see her glowing, shining, and redeeming her youth! She looks fresh, and so active, and happy.  Her facebook posts about her runs even reverberate the energy she is having.

Now, I looked at myself—lazybones and fat.  And without starting to change, I may one day die as that! And worse, without accomplishing my purposes in life, or without even starting the missions I’ve been given. Of course, I dread that day I will leave earth, still lazybones and fats accomplishing their purpose on my belly, but me not having gone anywhere.

So today at the break of dawn, I ran about three kilometers or so by our neighborhood road- Rizal Street, to the neighboring barrio.  On my way, I had been praying, reached a clear plan of my day, released all the negatives, and enjoyed my sweat.  My run caused me to even see and embrace the wonders of things which I will tell you about next Wednesday, or which you can discover for yourself, if you RUN NOW (or first thing by your morning).

Be with me for the seven Wednesdays before New Year in this series, REFRESH! : Seven (7) Nice Things To Do Before New Year.  Because of the energy of the jog, I am able to get this concept to share with you, only here at Aspire.Motivate.Succeed.

Have a nice and energized day! Goodbye to our “old” lazybones! 😉

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