Things You Can Do in 24 Hours

Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Alpha

Last summer when we were vacationing in Maine, there were a lot of good things that I could cherish from that. One of the things is realizing how much I can do in a given 24 hours and how much of it is productive. Today, I am sharing you some of the things we did (I did with my family) for that 24 hours as a way to remind myself that somehow, if life is so ideal this would have been what I would like to see everyday.

1. Got Breakfast that’s already been cooked and done for us; all we did was sat down, prayed and ate the food.

2. Went back to the room – brushed and got ready for the day.

3. Posted on for ten minutes (the internet was very slow)

4. Went up for a ride to the furniture store (Huston and Company); drove past farms, stables, scenic views, etc.

5. Went up for a trolley ride at the Seashore Trolley Museum

6. Got ready for the beach

7. Walked half a mile to the beach with a wagon

8. Sat, ate, read, talked, kissed, touched, walked over the rocks and seaweeds, watched the boats go by, sang, whistled, listened to the ca-cawing of the seagulls, picked periwinkles,played with our daughter; hugged my daughter many times, breathed fresh air, smiled at strangers, glanced squished sand between my toes, thanked my husband for the day, splashed water among us – did all these at the beach!

9. Walked back to the room

10. Swam at the pool to ourselves

11. Showered and got ready for dinner

12. Drove to the Point; Cape Porpoise and watched the sunset

13. Ate dinner while watching the sunset and the dusk meet

14. Walked along the pier under moonlit

15. Watched our daughter sang and danced

16. Prayed as a family

17. Read a book

18. Started another post

19. Read Maine Home Magazine

20. Slept!

I can tell you it was such a day! Oh, what a life is what I can say!

How about you?

How many things – enjoyable, productive, memorable can you do within 24 hours?

If you think you are not doing at least three things productive in a day, would you call that a Good Day?