The 30 Day Rule

By Alpha

You’ve heard me with my 30-day Cash-basis only. You’ve read about how this site started (those of you who weren’t aware of the history, I started emailing and reconnecting with my siblings in the Philippines everyday for thirty days in June). These events were not coincidental with my post today but the power of the 30-day rule is true! I’ve done a 30-day challenge at least twice that I have written about them and I’ve done more 30-day challenges away from the public knowledge. This 30-day Rule or Challenge as conceived and explained by Matt Cutts, a Google software engineer by profession but a blogger/propronent of the 30-day movement on the side has been talking about and spreading the word that – YES, a habit is formed once somebody has started to do something within 30 days. He has done a lot of these challenges since 2005  and I would like to share with you the presentation he made on TED about the 30-day rule.

Just before you start hitting play, think about this:

What would you do if you were to make your first 30-day challenge?

Travel somewhere

Try different cuisine

Finish reading five books

Sleep at 9:00 PM

Wake up at 5:00 AM

Pray everyday

Exercise for 30 minutes

Practise caffeine-free

Play with your child

Learn a new sports

Start a craft/hobby

Avoid alcoholic beverages

Smile at least to two persons daily

Be positive

No make-up for 30 days

Help someone daily