8 Reasons why you need to laugh

Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Alpha

Laughing doesn’t make problems go away – but it is one way of managing them. Not only will laughter bring some relief and joy to your spirits, but there are also some proven benefits of why you should continue to laugh whenever you can:

1. It can reduces stress.  It is also a key to combat office or work burnout! Because laughter decreases the production of stress-related hormones it makes life seem easier to manage. Laughter enhances the release of happy hormones such as endorphins.

2. Laughing is contagious. Just like yawning laughing is irresistible. Once you start laughing, you can not stop from laughing!

3. It boosts your immune system. Medical researchers have found that as you laugh you produce some immunoglobulin in your saliva that acts as a defense mechanism against some respiratory infections.

4. It provides an internal workout. It gives a muscle workout to the body including the diaphragm, abdomen, muscle stomach and of course your facial muscles! A good belly laugh also gives your heart a great exercise.

5. Women who laugh  are more desirable. If you are a woman, make sure you laugh often because laughter plays a big role in relationships. Men like women who laugh heartily when they are around!

6. It can be a pain reliever. Because laughter produces endorphins which are hormones that are more potent than the morphine used in pain relievers, you might as well laugh it out when you are in pain.

7. You’re less likely to have a heart disease. Laughing lowers blood pressure by 40%. It increases the blood flow to the heart and pumps more oxygen into the body. With laughing, the arteries wall are also strengthened.

8. You become more social. Laughing warms the heart of many people whom you share your laughter with. Laughing creates bonding connection to people who receives your laughter. Older people who laugh more often are found to have more friends than their counterparts. Younger people (teenagers) who have a sense of humor tend to be more popular than those who do not.

So, the next you feel like your day has completely eaten you up, find some ways to liven it up and start laughing. Call a friend and reminisce memories or start watching a comedy show – whatever it is that makes you laugh, do it! A day without belting out a good laugh is a wasted day.

Start laughing! Don’t delay or you’ll get more wrinkles right away.