Wednesdays with Buena: Remember Who You Are

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By Buenaflor Laoang

Dear Me,

What’s been happening to you?  In your younger years you were so active and excited about all the next activities of tomorrow. Now, look at you. You stay so long in bed, or at the sofa, just staring at the walls or your eyes glued to the television but not understanding anything. Where’s your action?

I’ve been noticing, you’re not me anymore.  The girl who used to be so filled with passion, movements, and possibilities in carrying out your tasks. Especially when you have already been aware of the life purposes of what you do, where had your zeal, your ardor, your excitement gone?

Don’t you anymore remember how you were? Let me remind you. You loved enormously.  You didn’t mind what they think of or get from you—you just gave your kindness away (and you were always happy exclaiming, that’s a great trait your mom exemplified).  The things you do—you just put all your efforts to it, not questioning, not even mindful of returns.  Those who hurt you, or didn’t like you—you didn’t mind them! You just knew that you cannot control their feelings, and neither can they control yours.  At the end of the day, you just prayed, and asked to be re-filled by the love of God.

What’s happened, Buena? You have become dry lately. Where have all your passions, and energy, and love gone?




Some times in our life, we come to that point of becoming dry.  Most often, it is very hard to explain even to your very self.  You think, search and pray hard for an answer of the dryness you’re going through, but all you get are more questions. What I found out, when you’re at this state of being—just accept it. Accept that it happens—life isn’t perfect, so as yours.  Maybe, there are things you have lost, or have forgotten that made you dry.

The first thing to do, I suggest, is to remember who you are before that dryness. What were you like?  Describe the person you think you were at your best.  Figure out the key to your life at its best. (To me—just by writing this down today, I found out it’s my enormous love.) Have you been losing your life key lately?

I think it is just okay to reprimand the self.  It is okay to remind it of what’s it been forgetting. That’s one way to recovering the soul.

P.S. Have you been in a state as mine? Share me your lessons. Let us learn from each other’s story.  My email: or post your comment here.


  1. Buena Laoang says:

    This time, letters to myself. But they may be your very own letters to yourself, right? Just to let you know that if currently, you are facing the same phases, or life storms, it’s but natural! it does happen–not only to you, but also to another! this is a way to exploring the self better, and knowing that “this phase, too, shall pass..” Happy Wednesday!

  2. ahhhpoetry says:

    I agree with you….sometimes life gets in the way and it becomes hard to remember who you were….keep going, keep doing but most importantly, find what brings joy to your heart…once you learn what that is, and you keep doing it, you will right yourself.

    thank you for suscribing Buena!


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