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By Buenaflor Laoang

I’ve been away from the blog world for quite a while. I remember it was during a natural storm in the Philippines that I lost in touch with you.

Honestly, at that time I had to face major LIFE STORMS.

I’ve literally been into the dark and sunny worlds after that, which I told you about in one of my re-posts.  I’ve had a dose of emotional battles, situational instabilities, and even—spiritual conflicts inside me, which, I may be telling you about soon.

At that time, I thought that detaching myself, and finding my inner peace, is what I just needed.

I recuperated, yes. But tell you what—it’s been a long war.

This war is what I’d be telling you about in the next parts of this series.  The first entries by me that you’ve read in this site are all about “Dear You”.  I think now I am to begin a new series which is about “me”. 

Let me correct myself in that—I am not one of the essence to read about. I am a very ordinary person.  But what I will be sharing to you in the next Wednesdays of Aspire. Motivate. Succeed are my first-hand accounts of passing through what we call “life”, and I hope of having you with me in capturing:  what experiences do we have in common? What have been our actions that helped, or gave us away? Have you been in “my war” or have I been in yours? What may be my, or your, life testimony?

So—this is the new concept of my new chapter in AMS Wednesdays—blog fellowshipping. You and me, let’s know about each other, let’s think and dream with each other, let’s motivate and inspire each other, let’s all taste and be happy with our successes in our own little ways, in our own little corners under heaven.

Let us start to make life testimonies, Wednesdays, in this site.

I will tell you about my story. You tell us about yours. You and me—we are neighbors. And a level act of loving that self of yours—is loving the person next to you.

For me, that’s you, who are reading this post right now.

The things you will soon about to read midweeks will be my life testimony, and yours too as you share it to this site or by emailing me. I know we relate best from true-to-life experiences.  I believe we learn best from the true stories of each other. I pray that our life stories—however they’ve been so –called “wars”, will be stories of courage, hope, determination, love, faith and everything beautiful in spite of our life storms.

That “life testimony”—shall leave in us, and this earth, amazing stories of passing through all our tests with grace.

Of course we are grateful to Alpha for allowing me this page to be with you.  She herself is a life testimony.

I hope you’d be with me again, Wednesdays, in this journey. I hope you allow me to love you through my writings.


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  1. abichica says:

    i love the post.. :-)

  2. Buena Laoang says:

    Thank you abichica! i’d take that as your “yes” in letting me to love you as a dear soul and friend through my writings.

  3. Angel says:

    I gave my life to JESUS at the tender age of 14, and about two weeks later this is what happened to me. On one morning in late 1986, I was getting up and I was on my way to use the restroom and saw that everybody was sound asleep. Right across my room was the restroom, and as I begin to walk toward the restroom, I heard the spirit of GOD say to me, “Look in your hand”. I began to say back to the spirit of GOD, “Why would I look in my hand?” Then the spirit of GOD spoke for the second time, “I said look in your hand”. By now I am still talking back to the spirit of GOD and looking up at the ceiling because I didn’t know what was going on. I was only 14 years old when this happened to me, so as you can imagine, I was frightened. So for the third and final time the spirit of GOD’s voice got louder and louder! HE said to me, “I said to look in your hand!!!” This time I looked at my right hand and I saw what looked like a puddle of blood, but here’s the thing: it was not bleeding. (EXODUS 3:2-3 and the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.3. And Mo’ses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.)Then, right in the center of my right hand I noticed that GOD had put a beautiful cross there!
    By now I had gone to my mother’s room and knocked as hard as I could on her door and when she opened the door and saw my hand, the only thing she was saying was Oh my God! Oh my God! We did not know what to do, so we just decided to pick up the phone book and call up some of our local pastor’s to tell them what had happened to me. My mother and I came across a particular pastor in Newnan, Georgia, and we decided to call him. My mother started to tell this pastor about all that had happened to me, and this is what the pastor told my mom: “Tell your daughter to show as many people as she can. The pastor also told my mother that GOD had ‘Marked your daughter’. It was so amazing and so touching that GOD had chosen me and put a cross in my right hand, and yes this is a true story. To this day that same cross is still in my hand. (I’m now 40 year old)-MATTHEW 19:26: But Je’sus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible; but with GOD all things are possible.
    -God Bless You! :-)
    (I just Love to show people the cross in my right hand! It’s a joy!!!!!!!!!!!)


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