Fail first…for you to succeed

Photo of Randy Legazpi

By Michael Jimeno

Good Morning My Friend,

I am going to share to you something that needs a lot of courage and sacrifice for you to achieve an easier path to success… and that is –  we all need to learn how to fail…

Most of the successful people in the world failed 100 times versus those people having a little success (or not at all) in their lives…  as we all know, experience is the best teacher… we learn a lot if we fail… just like learning how to ride a bike at the first time… all of us experience this that we had someone to teach us how to ride a bike but we still fall in the ground eventually… why is that? Because, we need to experience it for us to make adjustments.. as for me, I got wounded but nevertheless I still get up and try it again… as time goes by, I am becoming better and better but sometimes still fall again.. but, it doesn’t matter anymore if I fall again or not because I knew that everything is a learning process…

Life teaches us how to become better by failing first… we need to understand that everything is a test and whatever you’re answer is, you are always correct… but gauging if you are successful or not is being determine on how many failures that you committed plus how many adjustments you did…

If this is the case, why most of the people are not successful? In my opinion:

  • Many people have failures in life but never allow themselves to learn from it.  They will make it part of their lives and endure it, hoping it will go away soon
  • Many people are being attracted by negativity just like watching news (it’s always bad news), listening to public opinions and gossips, and being with dream stealers.  This, my friend, will pull you down and never make you get up and ride a bike again…. You are creating a bad experience from yourself..don’t worry you are still learning… but not learning to become successful.. but rather learning to be a more failure person :)
  • Many people resist change… that’s why when gasoline prices goes up, all that we hear are complains and blame others (the government ) for giving us this barrier to live a better life… please take note that no one will take care of yourself but only you (yes, not even your parents, families and definitely not your boss :) )

If I will consolidate this into one word… that will be ATTITUDE….  If you have a negative attitude, you will never allow yourself to learn from failure… just remain in the ground and never give an effort to stand up and find ways to become better… and this is called FEAR.. and the worst part of it, is that… it’s very contagious just like a virus… why it’s spreading too fast? Because it’s the easiest thing to do… do nothing when you fail…

Now, a positive attitude is what I all encourage you to have because it’s not easy to do but it’s very rewarding to have…. Let’s embrace our failures and make it as our teacher to become better… to become successful… if you fail, have the COURAGE to stand up and make adjustments… we all need to create a new failures everyday for us to open the door into new learnings that will give us exponential growth…get out of your comfort zones, explore new things, have the adventure of your desire for your ever precious life…

Of course, learning from failure has too many risks but the greater news here is we can learn:

  • From successful people, story of Henry Sy, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Blake Roney, Mother Teresa, Donald Trump and Manny Pacquiao.  Learning from their mistakes can give you advantage.
  • From motivational books and audio CDs.  Encouragement and Inspiration, we all need to exercise our minds and make it feed positivity.
  • From your past experience.  Your current habits right now was affected by what had happened to you in the past.  Now, you have the ability to change if it’s a negative attitude and make it work into your advantage to learn..

As for me, I am now start loving how to fail because I am willing to learn from it…. The greatest fear that I have right now is doing nothing…that’s why I am facing my fear… and giving myself a chance to fail…so that, I can build courage to fight back and create a better world for my kids..

So, what’s easier for you to do… live as you are right now, waiting for something to change or live to study failures, and be the change today?

Have a great day!

God Bless :)