Are you smarter than a preschooler?

Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Alpha (Day 108)


Tala: Mommy, did you know that Google means a lot of zeros?

Me: *smiles* Yes, (thank God I read about that) where did you get that?

Tala: From my classmate.

Tala: Mommy, did you know that my violin bow is made from horse hair?

Me:  Yup! (Good thing that is one of the few things I heard when I am not catnapping during her lessons.)

Tala: Mommy, do you know why some pirates are peg leg?

Me: Actually, I don’t even know what is a “peg leg”.

Tala: Mommy, did you know that blueberries are white when they are not yet ripe?

Me: hmmm…No.

Tala: Mommy, did you know that when it gets cold, birds fly to warmer places? They also do not fly alone. They always fly in pairs or in a flock so when one of them is hurt or can’t fly they help each other, did you know that?

Me: I know a little bit of what you just said.

Tala: Mommy, did you know that bears also migrate and eat on dried leaves in the winter?

Me: You mean hibernate.

Tala: It’s the same thing, Mommy. Migrate, hibernate, whatever – animals leave and find warmer places to stay like South America or the Philippines – then come back here in Massachusetts.

Me: I see…

Tala: Mommy, did you know that horses eat carrots?

Me: Really? I thought they only eat grass. (sheer dumbness, duh!)

Tala: No, Mommy they eat carrots – and ponies are not just small horses.

Me: Hmm…I didn’t know that! I thought ponies are smaller horses.

Me: What else do you know that I don’t know?

Tala: Well, I know everything because I’m already four and a half! (She  turns away from me then sings in a tune that sounds Frenchy …”muh-see-de-la-croix”)

And who knows what else can a preschooler do?


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