Wednesdays with Buena: Crisp Scent

Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

By Buenaflor Laoang


Isn’t it so – you and me – we are captivated to the smell of new things.

A new blouse, a new guitar, a new car, or a new pair of shoes on Christmas Day.

Not just the scent, but also the touch.  It feels so first time that we will not want any unwanted mark on it, and we will be very careful about it.

But know what about me – I appreciate the scent of new things the most, after I had just been so deprived, or hurt, or lost..

What am I saying? The scent of things new can be most invigorating to us when we’ve just been or become too tired of some old ways.

Today as I woke up from last night’s raging typhoon, I went to see my backyard- and looking at all the sandy, torn things splashed and spread all around by the flood- the smell of the ground rather made me say, “Well- it’s a brand new general cleanup day! I see the pots and rocks looked exactly the same way until today; it’s time for a brand new look!”

I heard a wife had experienced a storm in her marriage, endured the harshness of her alcoholic spouse for many long years, and finally with a luggage went to the door with her little children carrying their knapsacks, and said – “End of all the misery, today, I will give me and my children a brand new future ahead.”

Somebody out there may have been so bossed around and belittled by the master he serves for ten years now and all he got was sarcasm and disapproval, may at last realize, “I am loyal, but my loyalty will not end to my master now, not even to myself, but to God, and how He created me as a wonderful person. Today I’m having a brand new life!”

Have you ever felt dragged, boxed, dug into a miserable hole in this life? Or maybe, you are simply bored by your hair style or rugged pants by now? Have you grown tired of the old and not so favorable ways?

Give yourself a loving break! That self that has braved with you through all the lonely days deserve to be cheered up. Revive it with something- crisply, fragrantly new!

And may the crisp scent of things new around and about you – energize, invigorate, revive you!