The Montblanc Approach to Life – as I see it

Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

By Alpha (Day 104)

I do not own a Montblanc writing instrument or any of their classic timepieces or any products that they are well-known around the globe, no – not yet. I do not know an individual personally who uses a Montblanc pen to  write his signature over his name. If I had one right now, I would certainly be raving about them as I type my consumer report here – but, sadly I do not – not yet or so I say. I wish I can now tell you how amazing any of their products as well! But, much to my chagrin – I am not yet there as one of their targeted consumers. 

Being a user of their “wish list” bucket, I know there is something special about this company, something that most of us should be aware of and must try to exercise in our everyday life. Saul Griffith, environmentalist, engineer and entreprenuer calls it as the “montblanc approach to life”.

What is the “montblanc approach to life”?

If we take it from Saul Griffith, what he means is an alternative solution to climate change and an easy way to a green economy. Green doesn’t always spell cheap – it means being resourceful and being creative. It means exhausting all the possible raw materials before using another one.

Montblanc approach to life does not require you to be as environmentally enthusiast as Saul Griffith, but what it means to ordinary people like you and me, is being practical and versatile. Yes, Montblanc pens are the finest in the world. They are dutifully crafted in Hamburg, Germany and are made so that the writer will elegantly scribe letters, words that are thoughtfully done – not out of “convenience” but of courtesy and love.

Mont blanc literally means “white mountain” which is a real mountain in France. They named their company after this mountain because of its attractive peak and its tall stature. Based from reviews I’ve read, each Mont Blanc pen has a “4810” printed on them, which is the height of the white mountain. This was purposely done to let Montblanc and its customers be reminded that they should always reach the top.

The other montblanc approach to life as I see it is the comparison of what we normally use for writing.

You, just like me are probably a heavy user of the “Made in China” pre-packaged pens in sixes or twelves. Sometimes I even buy them in packs, but oftentimes half of them do not work at all. These pens automatically get shoved in the bin and will soon clog up the dumping station. This also means, half of what I spent on was wasted, totally.

My questions are:

How many dollar pens have you tossed out after a few scribble? You probably say, it is disposable, anyway – or it is cheap, it is replaceable.

How many non fountain pens have you nibbled off the bottom? Just because it is malleable and fun to chew on.

How many cents and dollars have you flushed down the drain because of wanting to buy lower-priced pens?

I know, I’ve had a few.

And – it’s pretty sad.

What I am trying to point here is the manner of our consumption. Yes, we haul the cheapies and ignore the luxe. But, we are missing the main idea. We are missing out on the finest, the most premier handwriting tool that can bring better output on paper and in life! We have got to stop accumulating junk and lean towards what may last longer. We have to take the “montblanc approach to life” even further. We have to – especially if we want to live a greener life and a better way to live.

As I see it, if we bring two ideas together from Montblanc – always reach to the top and consume wiser – that is already a formula waiting to be written for success!