When She Grows Up

Photo of Michaela Cruz- Ungos

By Westwood at Gaping Whole

I was having lunch in a lab at the local university the other day, midst graduate students, post-docs, and professors. Of the 10 of us in the room, only two were men. Not a weird ratio for undergraduates, but very odd for high-level science. A high school student, deer in headlights, wandered into our lunch. He was trying to decide which university to attend. I couldn’t help but speculate that (if he was single and straight), the odds were heartily in his favour. That being said, if he goes on to pursue a Master’s or  PhD, he will quickly find his mating options dwindling.

I’m working on a longer form article about this, based on NSERC‘s recent report on Women in Science and Engineering. In the meantime, check out these interesting figures! And if you didn’t see last week’s interesting (and related) post by fluidfyre, you should refer to that for further reading.

Does your profession fall into one traditionally undertaken by your gender? Do you think your gender had anything to with how you chose what you do?