13 Ways to Keep a Friend

Photo of Leizl Joy Nayahangan

By Alpha (Day 102)

If you have one good friend, you are one of the few lucky persons in the world, who is optimistic that when things get wrong, there is always a shoulder to lean on. People who have friends whom they trust and depend are more likely to live happier. They are also able to have a better sense of their place in the universe in other words, a sense of belongingness. Studies show that people who have strong friendships not only experience happiness but they are more likely to enjoy life, have stronger immune system, have better self-esteem and are less likely to suffer from depression.

Do you have at least one friend whom you know you can call in the middle of the night if ever you are on a tough situation?

If you do, you are in good shape! If you don’t – this may help you.

After reading many articles on friendships and relationships, here are some of the most important ways to keep a friend, and how to make your friendship last longer.

  1. Praise and compliment whenever necessary – Sometimes that is the best remedy for a bad hair day! So, go ahead shower your friend with lots of praises, but only if you mean very well.
  2. Listen and then listen again – oftentimes just being there is the best moral support you can give.
  3. Go out and have fun – life is too short not to do things together. Leave your children for a few hours and just spend some time with your friends. It can save your sanity and make you feel your age again. Do something fun – for girls/boys only!
  4. Forgive each other – when you did something wrong, let go and be willing to ask for an apology. If your friend asks for an apology, accept it and then forgive each other. Learn the lesson and then move on.
  5. Keep your promises and build trust – nothing is more discouraging if an individual cannot be dependable. If you said something, follow through. Be trustworthy and true to your words.
  6. Give your opinion when asked and let them decide – it is great to give your opinions – but only if it is asked. If your friend needs a rude awakening, tell the truth and if she/he takes it, thank yourself – if not, don’t worry – it is not a big deal!
  7. Show them you care – it doesn’t matter whether you offer to babysit or to cook their favorite food – whatever it is, show that you care.
  8. Accept who they are – your interests, lifestyle and opinions can be different and varied, but accept them. People are born to be unique.
  9. Share your life – Share your dreams, your future, your problems and who you really are. It’s through sharing that friendships grow.
  10. Laugh together – laughing is always the best medicine. It can take away many wrinkles!
  11. Stay in touch – whether you are extremely busy with your family and work, take time to say hi or hello once in a while. Keep abreast with the happenings in each other’s lives. Let them know that you are still alive and kicking!
  12. Thank each other – for the friendship, the time and for knowing each other!
  13. Don’t spill any secrets – once this is broken,  you’ll likely have to start all over again. But it is okay, life is meant to be a learning curve.

Enjoy your friendship! Cheers!