Day 100: It is time…

Day 100…100th post of inspiration! Can you believe that? You have been with me since Day one. Thank you very much! Salamat po ng marami sa inyong suporta! Agyaman ak iti adu Apo iti amin nga agbasbasa iti blog nga attoy!


It is time to celebrate:

Time to look up to GOD for letting me use my gift to share with you!

Time to thank all of our 132 subscribers via email on AMSDAILY for reading the posts, daily.

Time to dance with the 400 followers on our Facebook Fan Page, who believe in our cause for education.

Time to blow kisses to the 30 + 1 pledgers – who unselfishly pledged support for education.

Time to raise glasses for the first ten featured guests on our Saturday Success Story. With them, lessons are learned.

Time to spread the word about AMSdaily even more.

Time to let you hear my voice and how grateful I am in receiving my daily gifts to you.

and most importantly,

Time to watch a video, especially created for you:

A MILLION THANKS to all – join me as I continue the rest of my blogging journey of aspirations, motivation and success!

Daily with you,

Alpha :-)

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