Wednesdays with Buena: Earth Dweller

Photo: Michaela Cruz-Ungos (Teacher Mica)


I’ve seen two worlds . One is the dark world.

Here, creatures usually wear masks, or clothe themselves with gadgets or things that will hide their face. They do out of their wants, or needs. They do not care how they do it- as long as they get it done and satisfy their desires. They do it in response to other creatures who cannot share with their feelings- sometimes the most terrible things. They want to win the attention of the world, but after getting it, still go home alone, and crying.

The second is the sunny world.

Here, creatures wear smiles and comforting look. They also do out of their wants, or needs, or the call to be an approved Samaritan.  They care so much about how they do things, because they believe to get the attention of the world. They do things, in response to themselves and not likely with other creatures who do not share their feelings.  They are many- who only like the sun, and nothing else.

The first world is labeled by man as the “world of detached people”. The second, the “world of the popular”.

Which is your world?

I’ve seen both. And as I understood – no creature from both worlds could ever care for each other, or would even stop to think about and realize there is another creature out there. Both are consumed with their own fires.

Only those who try to get out, and visit the other world can give a second look at the other creature. And only then, can he too- understand that world.

Are you too consumed with but your fire lately? Haven’t you discovered about the other creatures who might share with your flame?

Well, I believe – it is not too late to get so burned.



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