Day 97: WT…? Lessons from the Road

Photo by: Randy Legaspi


It happened pretty quickly. I was driving along I-128 (a Massachusetts state highway) on my way to work when suddenly the traffic came to a full stop right before Exit 5. I had to immediately hit my brakes and boom! I heard my brakes hit the ground, as if my AWD system was gripping an ice-covered road. Then I swerved slightly to the breakdown lane. I had to! There was no other way to avoid a possible wreck to my hood other than to swerve.

But just as I swerve, a car was merging through the highway at a high speed of about 75 mph! The driver knew I was taking a right before I swerved. She saw my right blinkers on – but she decided to still continue with her speed. Instead of slowing down after seeing the pile of cars in front of her, she contined to pass me along with the other cars – missing only an inch away from hood!

I could have been hit at that moment, had I not hit my brakes.

What happened next was unbelievably crazy.

The driver, a woman (about my age) flicked her finger and uttered through her window, “WTF are you doing?” She was probably waiting for me to say something wise in return – but all I said was, “Go! Thank you!” She was obviously irritated if not angry at me for thanking her. She probably could not figure out why I was saying thank you. She also probably saw how calm I was – and she looked so revved up! Then, she continued carelessly at a full speed on the breakdown lane at 6:45 in the morning, instead of slowing down!

My encounter with the woman driver left me thinking about a few things:

1. Was it my fault?

2. The next time a stranger gives me the finger, I’ll give them my full five fingers to bless them!

3. The next time I will heard someone utter the “WTF” phrase, I will say to myself, “what the fudge?” and just think about how hungry that person is for some chocolate and fudge (maybe even some lovin’ and fun).

4. The next time somebody will cut me off, I will do what one of my friends does, she says “Thank you!” to them.

5. The next time a driver decides to pass me, I will say “Bless you!”

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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