Day 95: In honor of all Teachers

Below is a video to remind all the teachers out there, that no matter what happens in your classrooms (or even outside the school), you make a difference. Teachers like you make the world better. Without you, no one will be able to read, write or be in the job force. Your job is one of the most influential careers created. You are special and we thank you for that!

If this is your first year of teaching or have been in the academia for a while, this is your day. You know that you’ve made a difference, big or small. Great job and keep it up!

Here is a video for all the hard work you do, everyday. Watch it, feel the words and say to yourself, “I make a difference!”

Daily with you,

– Alpha

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Editor’s Note: You might be wondering what happened with our Wednesdays with Buena post today. Your guess is just as good as mine. Buena is probably still recovering from the damages of the flash flood over the weekend in Tarlac. We hope to resume the posts next week. Thank you very much!